Nym d'Lil Linath

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Nym's body is covered, from the neck down, in scars resultant of her near-century as a slave. It appears, however, that great care was taken to avoid scarring her almost unnaturally beautiful face and delicate hands. Of all these scars, however, there is one scar that always seems to remain the same, regardless of how much effort is put into removing it or defacing it. On her chest, just above her heart, Nym bears a very special scar; those with magical intuition will be able to tell it is imbued to regenerate perpetually if damaged in any way. It is the Drow letter for L,  for "Lo'larox" (see below).


UPDATE: Through the assistance of the Hells Fire Club, Nym's enchanted collar has been removed. She is no longer visibly marked as a former slave.


"I'll keep this short.

I am a wandering Bard. Houseless. I give my life to my art and to my service to the Lady. That is all you need to know.

Now excuse me, it is time for me to perform.

Sjaalus Jallil balbau uns'aa lil' orn ulu wynthye."

Nym is most often found in the Hollow Cove, entertaining the citizens in any of their bars or taverns, with song.

Nym specializes in vocals and playing the violin, having mastered both.
She also has a noteworthy skill with the acoustic guitar.
Due to a rare genetic inheritance, Nym was born with the ability to easily activate both sets of vocal cords (Larynx and Vestibular Folds). She occasionally uses this ability to augment her songs.

((player made lore,  may be used by anyone.))

In the darkest corners of slave markets throughout the planes,  those unfortunate souls who are thought to be useful or worse,  beautiful, are bought and sold as property. Coin exchanges hands and fate turns away from those who fall to the chain.

Among some of the markets where certain slavers deal in the rare and exotic, a strange phenomena was noticed centuries ago.  Certain slaves, both male and female were noticed to be delicately beautiful and exceptionally docile, never being known to refuse requests given by the ones who claimed ownership of them.

Over time,  another quality was discovered- apparent indestructibility.  No matter what violent tortures or horrific scenarios these people were commanded into,  no matter if they were torn asunder or dead, gathering their remains together in a dark place would result in the slave being found the next day whole, healthy and seemingly without any memory of what had come before.  Some people disagreed however and that to look into the deep and lovely eyes of these creatures after many years of this treatment was like staring into their own personal hell, filling them with guilt and shame.

 These rare slaves began to be called "Phoenix",  or in Drow "Lo'larox",  and like their mythical namesake were sought after and prized by slavers, wizards and many others for their ability to perpetually renew and complete lack of aggression.

No one has discovered what they are,  or why they exist.  No one knows what their purpose is, but when they are discovered they are worth a kingdom's ransom to the more discerning collector of oddities.


Red Lights:
ERP of any kind.
Impregnation of any kind.
Permanent Death.

Yellow Lights:
Permanent results of capture (such as maiming or mutilation).

Green Lights:
Pretty much everything else. If you aren't sure, ask first.
Player:Red Fwoosh Blue Fwoosh
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf