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At first glance, Lajaria appears to be a rather young and beautiful elven woman, featuring a lithe-sculpted figure and long limbs proportionate to her shorter stature. Long elven ears protruded out from her silky blonde locks, retaining the refreshing clean scents of a fresh springs and mint. She wore a modest sense of makeup, highlighting her youthful features and her vibrant bright blue eyes.

She has an identical twin sister, Meijaria, with only subtle differences noticeable between the two.

Whites: Setting up scenes/tells, Twin threesomes, sweet and loving, service bottom, thick & viscous cum, risk of pregnancy, condom play/trick, premature ejaculation, average sizes, heavy/sagging testicles, descriptive ejaculation, descriptive arousal/excitment

Greens: Oral, vaginal, dialog, plentiful semen, voyeurism, light exhibitionism, ahegao, earplay, multiple penetration, humanoid races, interracial play, sloppy seconds, multiple orgasms, suggestive impregnation/play, use of magic/drugs supplements, gangbangs, smaller races/tops, bioluminesent fluids, fantasy scenarios, centaurs

Yellow: Anal, receiving oral, cervical penetration, lactation, Males in ERP

Red: Dark, grim, or abusive themes, BDSM, deep submissive play, excessively large sizes, excessive semen, bulging/body distortion, actual pregnancy, slavery.

Other stuff~

I am tell friendly, esp. for scene setups or arrangements~
Player:Chicks are for Dicks
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human