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At first glance, Lajaria appears to be a rather young and beautiful elven woman, featuring a lithe-sculpted figure and long limbs proportionate to her shorter stature. Long elven ears protruded out from her silky blonde locks, retaining the refreshing clean scents of a fresh springs and mint. She wore a modest sense of makeup, highlighting her youthful features and her vibrant icey-blue eyes.

She has an identical twin sister, Meijaria, with only subtle differences noticeable between the two.

(Don't Do This)
- Rape, abuse, corruption
- Sex with animals, monsters, furries
- Ninja-stealth spying (especially with no interaction)
- Interrupting obviously intimate RP with obnoxious behavior
- Bringing my dislikes into context my character has to witness
- Hating feets.

(Probably Not!)
- Pain for the sake of pain
- Dark or grim themes
- Petty and pointless drama
- Shapeshifting / excessive physical changes

(I Like This)
- Lingerie, bikinis, thongs, butts, feet
- Vanilla, cum, condoms, barebacking
- Cute and adorable, pretty ladies
- Good-natured PCs
- Sweet and loving themes
- The girlfriend experience, relationships
- Cute goblins?
- Twin threesomes?

(Extra bits ..)
- League of Legends!
- Teamfight Tactics!
- Risk of Rain 2!
Player:Chicks are for Dicks
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human