(First of all, if you are not interested in rp with me, just Tell it, I will not bother you !)

A man from high stature, with beautifull -and surely expensive- clothes ... he looks confident ; and for those with magical senses, he have the aura of a wizard. a pretty good one from what you can see.
More charisma than a handsome face, he is not really young : more around the forty than the twenty, no doubt about it !

Lights :

green : dominating, all kind of sex, blowjob, titfuck, master and pet/servant/slave play

red : the usual scat, children, death, vore, etc etc ...

Feel free to send a tell if you want to set up something, if you have an apprentice who would like to study under a master, or if you want to chat a bit !
(I also speak French !)
Player:This guy
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human