Joyce (aka 'Juice') Wayte

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[last update: Dec. 1st 2018]

Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: Mid-forties
Height: 1m72 // 5'77"
Weight: 60kg // 132lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Silky lightly tanned

Measurements: 110E-60-85 // 38DD-23-32

The beautiful blonde wizard you see, has a firm and toned body, barely covered in black and gold leather straps that cover her breasts and pelvis. It can happen that she walks around the city topless.

She can be seen wandering in the shady districts, where she can be seen near the presence of orcs around the darkest corners, and often with one named "Urod".

She sports an orcish style tatoo on her left bicep, which represents a flame in red and black, probably the emblem of the Holde.

She wears a tight black band around her neck where the word "WHORE" is visible in bold brass capital letters, glimmering with minuscule orcish style dwarven letters.

Her nipples are ornated with a set of slave rings forged by Yuan-Ti slavers. They keep Joyce's nipples erected and seem to vibrate sending warm tingles through her body.

Finding her breasts too small, her master and his peers reworked them to make them grow from an initial size of 32B to 38DD giving her an even sluttier look, better matching her new activities.

Her training goes on and bruises and scratches are often visible in several areas of her body (belly, chest, thighs, arms and even on her face) while bite marks decorate her breasts.

It is not uncommon for traces of semen, more or less dry, to remain here and there on her face, in her hair and on her bruised body. (you can choose to RP if she has or not then when you meet her).

On the top of her right buttock, the word "kurv" (meaning "slut"), with approximately formed letters, was scarified with the blade of a large and poorly sharpened knife.

Joyce is now known as "Juice" in Graknok Holde as her master grants all Orcs and Goblins the right to use her as they see fit.

Her master not often available for her, she would search for a fellow that would like to marry her and accept to be cuckolded.

Like: Males, Oral, vaginal and anal, single and multiple partners, cum, extra cum and more cum, toilet play (being used as ... including scat), ass-to-mouth, rimming (giving), name calling, spitting, slapping, spanking, being beaten, being raped, being captured, being offered, being forced to prostitution, suffocation (strangulation, hanging, drowning, ...) snuff is possible if resurrection is allowed afterward, coercion, blackmail, ...

Favorite races: orcs, half-orcs, goblins, dwarves, ..., ogres, trolls, ..., gnomes, halflings, ..., humans, ...

SRP with shemales and females could only happened if forced by her master to do it.

People who leave without a word, pedo, impregnation, Perma[things] like death, mutilations, ...

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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human