Mifi 'Goblina' the Red

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A Goblin's Resume

NAME: Mifi (though she usually introduces herself as "Goblina the Red")
RACE: Goblin
GENDER: female
AGE: young adult
SKIN COLOR: apple green
HEIGHT AND WIDTH: 3'5'' (about 1 meter tall)
WEIGHT: how rude to ask! She's light, though :3
BUILD: athletic
FEATURES: Pony tail with blue ribbon in the back of her head, freckles, huge breasts and bottom for her species

Goblin In Details

Mifi is a goblin for sure : her apple green skin, big head and small size are usually enough in themselves to convince people about that. Even so, she has a cuter face than you would expect from her species, with big red eyes and dark green freckles on her cheeks. Her nose is quite small as well, when you would expect it to be pointy as for the others goblins. Her ears are a bit unstuck and pointy. Her most striking feature is certainly her red hair, that she wears in a pony tail in the back of her head with a blue ribbon.

It's hard to miss her big breasts and big bottom for her size, even though that means more than a neck ache for human sized spectators - most of them would say it's worth the pain, especially when her curves bounce when she's walking around. Her muscles are thin but dense, and she is surprisingly strong. In overall, if you get past her feminine curves, her body is actually athletic looking and it's obvious she trained a lot to achieve that result. Her freckles can also be seen on her upper thighs and lower belly, small dots of darker green easily spot on her skin.

While this goblin girl doesn't boast about her age, she's still a young adult. Her clothes are quite unexpected for a seasoned warrior - while she wears sturdy boots and heavy leather gloves with a long cloack for traveling, her front body is quite exposed, with barely a short shirt and leather skirt (which is usually good for male viewers, given the size of her cleavage). She does wear short pants under her skirt, but that's not what will stop vicious strikes from her opponents. Yet she doesn't seem to care and keeps wielding her huge two-handed sword being one and a half times her size as if it was a mere stick.

Mifi can be best described as a free spirit. She doesn't care much about good or evil, but will glady swing her sword one or the other way if she decides it could be "fun". She doesn't project herself in the future and couldn't bother less about the past : she lives the present time at its fullest. What she's really after is something that gives her the thrills - mostly by fighting, but her lust for challenges can also be triggered in others situations - like sex.

A Goblin's Tale

Mifi doesn't really bother about her past, because it has already happened anyway. She was born in one of those goblin nests, the kind of those being fought by low-level adventurers. She didn't know her mother much - a raped elven captive who didn't last long after her daughter's birth. Since goblin seed is strong, she didn't become a half breed - though her "cuter" features certainly come from her mother. Like all goblins, her child life was full of dangers and viciousness - thankfully, she was a tough girl and managed to grow up to adulthood.

Then her tribe was finally wiped out by a group of adventurers. Her story would have ended here with her unfortunate fellow goblins, if the adventurers' party responsible of the slaughter didn't get fond of her cute face and decided to spare her life (some may say it's more about her big breasts). One of them named her "Goblina the Red" as a joke because of her red hair. It sticked with her since then, to the point she introduces herself under that nickname, even though there is no link to her true name. She followed the adventurers for a while and learn lots of things with them - as time went on, they came to aknowledge her strength and she became a full member rather than some kind of odd mascot pet. After a while, though, the party disbanded and Mifi decided to lead her own life. Never bearing a grudge for the destruction of her tribe, she made them good bye and went on her own adventures.

What Mifi discovered during these times with her adventuring party is that she gets really hooked with this thrill when faced to the unknown - the strongest are the challenges, the higher are her feelings. She can't get enough of it and that is the reason why she went solo after her "long leggies" comrades retired. It's likely it will finally lead her to a gruesome ending, but she doesn't care about that - goblins don't live long, anyway.

OOC Information

I can roleplay in English as well as in French - since French is my first language, please forgive me if I make some mistakes while writing.

This character is mainly meant for RP and adventures (PvE with some roleplaying inside). She can be seen fighting in the arena, but I don't play her seriously for PvP - it's more for RP purposes than winning at all costs with an optimized build.

My time zone is GMT +01:00. I live in Central Europa, so it is highly possible we play at different hours - especially if you are on the other side of the sea. I usually play in the evening.

I am very /tell friendly. If you have any question or want to talk about a scene before playing, please don't be shy - I will try to answer you as soon as possible.

As for ERP :

Yes (I like to play with those, but asking OOC before RP doesn't hurt.)
- Short term RP (1-2 hours IRL)
- Male characters
- Size difference (dealing with bigger partners)
- Having sex after a fight (including when she's defeated)
- Belly bulge/dealing with huge cocks
- Casual sex
- Vaginal
- Oral
- Using her boobs / buttcheeks / front body for cock masturbation
- Playing with her boobs / nipples
- Being on top/riding
- Being handled like a sexsleeve
- Belly bulge/unrealistic sex (it will fit, it's magical !)

Maybe (it depends from my mood and the preferences of my partner, so please ask me in OOC before playing those.)
- Long term RP (need preparation, which is why it's in my yellow lights)
- Anal
- Female characters
- Shemale characters

No way (I'm not interested to play with those, in addition to those banned by server rules)
- Anything leading to OOC drama
- Anything permanent on her without my consent
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human