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Name: Zurrna
Race: Gnoll
Gender: Female


Physical Description:

Zurrna's a towering, well muscles creature often wearing an enthusiastic smile that displayed her fangs, one of which a shining gold. Her attention often darted about in her manic state, the gnoll seeming to have a hard time actually holding still or focusing for long periods of time.

Her mane of dark hair was almost always unkempt and wild. Zurrna's fur was a lighter shade decorated with a series of blotchy spots that matched the darker color of her lower arms and legs.

The gnoll was littered with piercings of various types and quality, ranging from the gold loops that decorated her ears and the studs along her snout to the much more tribal looking trio of needle-like fangs she'd pierced into the skin above her collar bones.

Zurrna's dress was typically ratty and made for comfort, apparently not the type for high fashion. Go figure.


Personality Traits:

Manic, enthusiastic, and optimistic. Zurrna's a loud thing with poor impulse control, but often tries her damnedest to get people to believe in themselves.



[ I don't often reply to tells, I'm afraid. I try and get on to escape!]
Player:Gnashing of Teeth
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf