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Name : Zarren
Sex : Male
Race : Horse-Man
Coat : Bay Brown
Height : 7'8 Feet
Weight : 345 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eyes : Goldenm
Build : Muscullar, defined.
Orientation : Straight
Scent : Horselike, forest and quite strong
Demeanor : Rough, Unpolite, Straight to the point.

-----------     Appareance   ----------------

In front of you is a huge creature with strong muscles and a body wich was sculpted for endurance, fighting and war.

A warhorse with humanoid body could come to your mind but still he is huge and his eyes are always full of bloodlust or maybe lust.

The fur that covers his entire body his short, soft  and only makes his body appear more sculpted instead of giving him the appareance of a soft beeing.

His head indeed resembles one that horse does, but more angled than the usual, his mane his always well cared and has a lustrous dark tone falling along his back. His eyes are golden with the typical shape of the horse but something there shows a strange deep wisdom.

His scent changes depending on where he is or if he is hunting or taking care of the forest, as a Druid he always carries the scent of the wild mixed with the horse in heat.

His arms are strong and ends with a hands that are huge, covered with the same fur but a bit more rough, like he were using them for constant manual labor and its easy to feel the callous in there, giving them a feeling of roughness.

His strong hips gives him the appeal of a stalion, with a tonned arse, muscled and strong that leads to a pair of legs that turns out in the same ways that his body does: Strong, tonned with defined muscles that shows his might, finally the legs ends like other horses in a pair of hooves that makes that characteristic noise when hits stones, but it is rumored that despite his demeanoir sometimes he has been seen clapping a pair of emptied coconuts while he walks, maybe for announcing a horse is coming or maybe because he is pretending to give a tribute to a strange joke.

Behínd the usual loincloth he wears rest the seathe of his cock, almost hidden inside it unless he spot a prey for his desires a Mare to breed or to dominate until she gets overruned by the desire to join his pack: A huge, thick, wet and crowned shaft when its fully inflated, crowned almost at the end of it and having a bulging tip: in the end a good veined hard horsecock that has a strong red color.

Finally his voice is deep, with a sighly growling tone that is softened when he talk with others close to him.

//I did my best but if you find a  typo please tell me so i can fix it quickly, the description is made to resemble the one on the portrait but with brown furr instead of that bluish colour//


ABOUT LIGHTS: Those are just a rought concept of what i like and what my character will like to perform but on the side of the "Withes and Greens" those are not mandatory but favored wich i will always adapt to the ones who im playing with.

On the other hand, i'll always fall on the side of a good RP with or without ERP, the most important thing for me as a player is character development.


· Domination. (Master-Slave relationship, transforming someone into his Familiar/Pet)
· Mind Control/Hypnosis. (Think about Druids from Britania show, manipulating the basic instincts with the sounds he produces and those kind of things, even trying to implant a parasite would be an option like a spriggan or things like that)
· Transformation/Body Modification
· Behavoir alteration (Bimbofication more likely becoming a sexual minded pet, Mental degradation, Corruption, )
· Creative use of Magic
· Oral
· RP Consecuences / Long Term.
· Use of sumons, animals, mosnters or other creatures to play with others.


This is the most ample list and the and is always expanding, here goes everything not listed on my favourites, yellow or red. (Its allowed and pleasurable for me i guess)

- A few examples:

 Group Sex
· Public
· Private
· Teasing
· Gropping
· Long foreplay
· Quickies.

But there are more and more, just ask or expose an idea of what you want


This depends on my mood but i can acept them if the RP drives to it

· Shemales
· Watersports


- Males, Femboys. (A Genderbend could be discussed, but it could happend only if its a long term thing and not just for one session)

Feel free to ask for something, im tell friendly.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human