Name: "Hunter" is all he will give.
Age: Looks well into his twenties.
Sex: Obviously male
Orientation: "Fuck off."

[[[Read blow for the gory dark history bits. All of the following is OOC knowledge of course. To know more about his past and what his future may hold, try talking to him.]]]

I was once a man. I stepped into the cold of night and became a thing of hate, violence, and blood. As my vengeance ran cold as the blood down my arm, I sought redemption. Weak I washed upon the shore of an island that would be my savior. I was drawn to a foreign warmth my body had long forgotten. Standing in the grove, surrounded by its people, I was burned away. Reborn I heard a voice soft as echoes, "Go forth Huntsman scour the land of those who would do harm to this island." Left with a singular purpose I rose, praised as a champion and protector by the island's inhabitants. I defeated every threat that came to the island's shores but as my vision turned on the island's inhabitants, they screamed out in horror. "Why? You're our protector, our huntsman!?", I could see a woman cry out in my vision. A blur of blood and gore filled my mind and as my blood soaked body curled at the foot of the large oak. I felt the warmth and voice came again, "Well done my Huntsman, sleep."

[[[More to come after I finish leveling]]]
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human