Rubberdoll Whore Rubberella

There is nothing special about this object, just another slut enclosed and trapped inside rubberdoll suit to serve as a public pleasure slave and toilet. To best serve this purpose, Rubberella has gone through extreme modifications to make her into a true big tit bimbo slut.

  Everything about her was sculpted, modified and enhanced to make her true all purpose whore: Her body was given plenty of fat and meat where it most mattered, giving her perfect hourglass doll shape with long shapely legs, thick thighs, wide hips and gorgeous round buttocks. Her thin waist lead higher up to absolutely  ginormous udders that stood so firm and round, crowned by two swollen nipples that sprouted outwards, looking like both could suck inside a finger or even more. Infact, there was whole lot going underneath her appearance, as those nipples could stretch and open up, to let people fuck them.

  Even her face was given a perverted touch with her lips inflated to point they would stuck in permanent, inviting pout, round and pillowy soft, perfect for sucking cocks and pleasuring others. Her tongue was long and pink,  talented piece of muscle that was pierced by number of barbels, steelballs lining up on top and under it to further pleasure others.

  Also her nipples too were pierced with barbels, four on each so steel balls rested on outside and inside those fuckable udders. So were her encorged swollen clitoris too that always peaked out from her fleshy hood, with her thick swollen cuntlips too boasting series of rings piercing them, 7 on each infact.

  And that was only on the surface as Rubberella was anything but human from the inside: Her flesh was perfect but durable, able to endure much more punishment than your ordinary girl and take even biggest cocks. Her asshole was shaped to be perfect fit for any cock or appendage, with those anal walls riddled with small massaging studs that were linked to her nervous system, with her brain hardwired too to take pleasure only from being fucked in the ass.

  Always in state of arousal, all her holes lubricated themselves and ll the useless organs were discarded to make her able to sustain only  on cum, piss and any other smut. Intead of stomach, all her fuckholes lead into a repurposed womb that would permit her to take in much bigger loads and allow her superior breeding abilities, with Rubberella able to fit in quite many spawns of many different races without it even showing, making her perfect breeding machine.

  To even better bring in prey, she sweated unique smell that would be thick with lust and arousal, aphrodasiac that would bring in horny and eager beasts and men to rape her over and over again. She herself still needed to breathe and all her senses are tuned to point of being hyper reactive to certain stimulation. Especially her sense of smell was increased tenfold, with all lewd stenches catching her attention quickly.
  Her skin was perfect milky white hauntingly beauty visage for expect where it was not, markings decorating her and labeling her with all sorts of demeaning titles: Both her tits had been branded with FUCKMEAT and SLAVEDOLL curving along the sides of the each breast. On her belly read BIMBO SLUT and on her buttocks read ANAL WHORE and FUCK ME. On her thighs read FREE FUCKHOLE and HORSECOCK LOVER. To top it up, her face had not been spared of markings either, her left cheek read FREE TOILET with arrow pointing at those sweet lips of hers and on her right cheek had cute red heart painted on it. On her forehead read SLAVE FOR USE. Just above her cunt read RAPEHOLE with arrow pointing to it. Even when covered in rubber, all of these same markings were usually painted on her attire.

LIKES: Dresses, suits, victorian, steampunk, fantasy, leather, rubber, latex, PVC, satin, velvet

Collars, corsets, gloves, boots, heels, hoods, masks, harnesses, bodysuits

Bondage, extreme bondage, gags, blindfolds, cuffs, shackles, chains

Monsters, aliens, tentacles, equines, monster cocks, horsecocks, huge cocks.

Dirty sex, filthy sex, smut, lewdness, smells, scents, watersports, toiletplay, breathplay.

Rough agressive sex, non-consensual, rape, kidnapping, blackmailing, abduction

Not looking for Master/Slave relationship for time being.
Player:Rubberdoll Slut
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human