Caleth Dushan

Height: 5'10 / 178cm
Weight: 67kg/147lb
Age: 18-20
Physical: Slim, toned, athletic.
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye color: Light emerald

General appearance:
It can be seen that the young man stands out and not by little. A chiseled chin, a straight nose, fine and regular size, delineated eyebrows accompanied by eyes of the right size to be appreciated, and lips that while not especially fleshy do not reach the thinness, so they end up taking the shape of a small heart. All these features or the most striking seem to have been placed in a precise way, as if they had taken their time so that everyone can see their charm without overshadowing the rest.

He has short brown hair and "bob" style and has a tail behind his hair and uses a ring in his left ear. His hair is quite straight and looks healthy in terms of its ring seems to have more holes or signs of these in both ears.

His body presents a curious harmony between the aesthetic and functional, although his muscle mass is not comparable to that of any soldier this can be considered acceptable, as for the rest his muscles are marked and delineated reaching out sometimes in some of his clothes, all this is due to a natural thinness in his body. Anyone would say that it is an athletic body, model or running, although perhaps the model is more true because of the aesthetic of this.

His voice is young, relaxed and with a flirtatious touch. It presents an adequate gravity to not have anything sharp, although it is not a warrior voice either.

(Tell Friendly)

Green Lights
Women, Flirting, Romance, Character Development, Story telling.
Yellow Light
Depends of the mood
Red Lights
Scat Toilet play, gore, and what is established by the rules
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human