RP Hours
° GMT + 1.


° Ivory.

° N/A.

° Nocturnal Demon.

° Male.

° Chaotic Neutral.

° Wanderer.

° Common.
° Infernal.
° Abyssal.

° Fought in the Blood War.
° Was summoned, but control was lost.
° Became a Wanderer after he had no way back to The Abyss.

Demonic Power
° Dark Shroud.
- Passive Shielding.

° Dark Shroud.
- Active High Shielding.


Dark Shroud
° In combat, Ivory appears to activate some manner of demonic power.

° Those able to see or notice auras will feel a very dark presence from the shielding powers that surround Ivory.

° It is clear that the demon's ability cloaks him in Negative Energy.

° Inside and outside of combat, Ivory is proven to be very durable, which is not at all assumed by his appearance.

° This is highly improved when Ivory actively cloaks himself in his Dark Shroud.

° When active, Positive Energy will hurt Ivory, Negative Energy will heal him, and his already resistant body will gain further protection.


Notable Mechanics
° Ivory has very high damage resistance, in and out of his Dark Shroud, (Shapechange).

° If he doesn't react the way you expect in response to physical trauma, it is in direct relation to his in-game build.


Body Details
° Ivory has smooth, silken, pale skin.

° It is quite easy to spot his scrawny nature, both when draped in clothes, and exposed.

° He is warm to the touch, despite the otherwise pale nature of his flesh.

° Ivory's thick, black hair feels much like silk, and one could almost draw the conclusion that he is somewhat related to the Succubi, if even just a bit.

° His frame is incredibly light, and Ivory is easy to lift, weighing a meager seventy pounds.

° One might notice that Ivory has a row of razor-sharp, shark-like teeth, along with a gray tongue.

° Equally so, the insides of his mouth are gray.

° Ivory has a soft, melodic, and laid back voice.

° He does sound somewhat ghostly, however, which is clearly due to his demonic heritage.

° The demon has long since managed to overcome his Abyssal dialect, but it might slip through when he's angry.


° Monogamy.
° Brocest.
° Incest.
° Romance.
° Corny love stories.
° Similarly sized males.
° Regular players.
° Long-Term RPing.

° Males.
° Masculine males.

° Females.
° Femininity.
° Huge dicks, (7+ inches, overdone and boring).
° Unrealistic proportions.
° OOC drama, (won't answer drama tells).
° Devils, (like a proper Demon, Ivory hates Devils).

Player:Ivory Fang
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf