Silver Lunaris

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RP Hours
° GMT +1.


° Silver has a soft but prevelant Arabic accent.
° Silver only feeds on animals, and monsters.
° Silver is an undead, which means that he is immune to mind-spell based RP.


Spotting the Vampire
° Silver has no heartbeat. Those who can hear, or sense them, will notice this.

° Silver has a very faint scent, as he doesn't produce pheromones. The lack of a body odor would perhaps hint at something.

° Silver can't feel the elements, and as such, will not in any way react to cold or heat.

° Silver will often cover his eyes on sunny days, or keep a hood on.

° He does not touch silver with his bare hands.

° Silver feels uncomfortable on holy ground.

° Silver cannot retract his fangs. They might be seen when he speaks.

° His eyes are red.


Character Name

Character Age
° Mortal, 18.
° Vampire, 5.

Character Race

° Scrawny, short, lithe and thin.
° Ribs easily visible under his clothes.
° No apparent scars.
° Large, red eyes.
° Very slender, dainty fingers and toes.

° Raspy, quiet, light.
° Always sounds somewhat bored or apathetic.
° Remains at a mellow, soft level.
° Sounds quite androgynous.

° Chaotic Neutral.
° Silver does what feels best for Silver.


° Monster Hunter.

° Common.
° Sabanese.

° Slave.
° Street punk.
° Sand Snake, (Lamia Cult Member).
° Traveler.


The Lamia
Vampiric Visage
A vampiric race, the Lamia appear to have red eyes, making social interaction a chore at times.

Idle Disgust
Feeding is, for a Lamia, highly affected by the circumstances in which they acquired this blood.

-Feeding on a helpless or innocent
This method of feeding has no effect on a Lamia. They will not be nourished from the act and the blood itself will have a disgusting taste.

-Hunting Wildlife
A born warrior, hunting wildlife is a method most Lamia use today. They prefer pray that can actually put up a fight, like a bear or a lion, but if nothing else is available, a Lamia will be satisfied with tracking down a deer. The hunt itself elevates the taste of blood consumed during this time period.

-Casual 'over the counter' drinking
Ordering a glass of blood at a bar catering to vampires is considered 'neutral ground' for a Lamia. The blood they consume during this scene is nourishing, however tasteless. The taste could be compared to a glass of water.

-Feeding during or after combat
This is the most wondrous event a Lamia can find themselves in. Feeding during combat, or right after battle is the moment of a true feast. Blood consumed during this event is considered delicious, and highly nourishing.  

Born Of Battle
Even the humblest, most serene and harmonic Lamia will find themselves enjoying the heat of a violent encounter. Lamia are not barbaric by any stretch of the imagination and they do not go looking for fights, but it would be a lie to claim that they didn't thoroughly enjoy it.

The Blush Of Life
Fully fed, the Lamia's body appears warm and much like that of a human. However, a Lamia who has gone without blood for a time appears pale and cold. Lamia are required to feed every day to stay healthy, much like their previous lives dictated.

Frozen In Time
Many vampiric races are accompanied by an array of dark knowledge from the years, turning even a child into a matured scholar. The Lamia, on the other hand, retains the mental maturity of when they were turned.

Like every vampire, the Lamia are ageless.

Not Of The Living
To create a Lamia, the vampire must first drain every drop of blood from a living creature before injecting a single drop of their own. A minute will pass before the newly sired Lamia will arise.

As The Moon Sets
Like mortal races, the Lamia can indeed get tired and fatigued if they go without sleep for a prolonged amount of time.

Sustained By Life
Without blood in their system, the Lamia will fall into a coma-like state from which they cannot wake without being fed blood. This is called the Slumber.

Shielded From Hearth And Breeze
Lamia are unable to feel the elements due to their undead nature. Warmth or cold passes them by without a single feeling to their skin.

Shroud Of Unlife
Lamia do not sweat and do not produce any body odor, due to their undead nature.

Stranger To Nature
Being undead, Lamia vampires do not have biological functions such as the need to excrete. The blood they consume remains inside their bodies until fully used up. Every vampire species do however have the physical sense of touch and can just like any mortal race feel pain and arousal, whereas many vampire races pursue the latter with a zeal, hence the stereotype.

Perversion Of Light
What truly separates the Lamia from their vampiric cousins is their ability to walk in sunlight without being hurt.

Parasitic Embrace
Using the blood they have drained, Lamia are able to regenerate their wounds. The more grievous the wound, the more blood they need to use to regenerate, bringing them fatigue and eventually the Slumber.

Shallow Shell
Shoving a stake into their hearts to kill a Lamia is merely a myth as the muscle doesn't even work. Severing a Lamia's head will lead to instant death, however, a method highly recommended.

Undead Resilience
It is safe to say that Lamia are immune to most mundane means of harm. If one aims to damage a Lamia, they ought to use silver, divine weaponry, or manage to cut their heads off. Bludgeoning weapons appear to have a small degree of effect.

Hunter's Palette
No matter the age of a Lamia, this vampiric creature can nourish itself on the blood of an animal exclusively, whereas older vampires of other bloodlines require human blood.

Born Of The Dark
Despite being able to walk under the sun, the Lamia is a nocturnal being and as such, they find it uncomfortable. Their regeneration functions slower under the sun and unless hidden behind glasses, their eyes are quite sensitive to the light.

Repelled By Purity
Wounds delivered by silver cannot regenerate on the spot. A Lamia will need to sleep for eight hours and use their blood-based regeneration to heal from wounds caused by silver. Merely touching silver will wound the vampire like a burning ember. The same weakness holds true for divine powers.

Of One Pursuit
Unlike many other vampires, Lamia cannot dominate others with their voices or their eyes. They cannot fly, and they cannot control animals with their minds. Neither can they transform into one.

Shunned By The Gods
Walking on holy ground will prevent a Lamia from regenerating while upon holy soil.

Mortal Coils
Unlike other undead, the Lamia does actually breathe and requires air, which in turn means that drowning and asphyxiation would, in fact, kill them.

Mundane Shackles
Lamia are completely unable to learn and cast magic. They can only use passively enchanted gear.
Player:Dusk and Dawn
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf