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Height: 5'7"
Weight: 113#
Age: Youthful mid-20s
Hair/Eyes: Spectrum*
Build: Full Figured, Yoga body
Gender: Female*


The first look at Chroma is one of high contrast.  Her skin looks pale, lifeless and devoid of color, while color explodes from her hair, striating in all colors of the rainbow.  Chromas hair, eyes, and nails all shimmer between the spectrums of colors in striations.  Her hair and eyes are darker, her nails more pastel.  This includes the hair of her lashes and eyebrows.  She has no body hair at all below her neck.  This hypnotic shifting of color is hard to miss, so much so she may at times wear shades or hats when trying to not draw as much attention.  She has a soft, feminine looking face with a well-shaped nose, a high brow-line, and an aquiline jaw and chin.

Moving down, she has a swan-like neck that leads in to a shapely clavicle and feminine shoulders.  Her arms look soft with little definition to them at first glance.  Dexterous fingers are long and capped with nails that seem to shimmer in soft pastel colors along the light spectrum.  Her chest sports two soft, deliciously shaped breasts.  The full orbs are a full D-cup, bordering upon E.  Further down, her belly is soft with little definition outside of feminine shapeliness and a slender waist.

Further down, her hips are wide enough to attract notice, giving her an hourglass shape, while avoiding excess exaggeration.  Her ass is shapely with an appealing bounce, and tend to fill out whatever pants or dress she wears.  Her pelvis is smooth and leads down towards a feminine seeming slit.  Her thighs are shapely and her long legs are capped in toes whose nail shimmer and change much the same as her fingernails.

Notable Jewelry:

Upon her left ring finger is a platinum filigree ring set with an amethyst.  She can sometimes be seen to be idly fondling it.  When in the presence of Ayrisa 'Cora' Cassielah the ring would slowly start to sparkle and shine iridescently.

There is an intense visual affect around her.  Colors seem to intensify in her presence.  They grow richer and more saturated.  Black becomes a deep void.  White throws off prisms of color.  This aura grows stronger by proximity and reaches out perhaps 3 feet around her.

Interests:  Multiple partners.  Twincest. Risk of Pregnancy. Brood-mothers. Cuddling.  Romance.  Kissing.  Sensation play (Hair pulling, spanking, etc.) Light mind control/hypnosis.  Addiction. Cervical Penetration.  Cum-inflation.  Cum-baths. Vaginal.  Oral.

With longer term RP:  Polyamory. Harems. Incest.  Pregnancy. Mutual transformation.  Mutual corruption.  Transformation/corruption of partners.  

Dislikes (ERP based): Male identified characters.  Characters with cocks.  Scat.  Hirsute.  Gore. Etc.


Im not really in to anal, I prefer vaginal and oral, with a focus on vaginal.  Many people I have noticed have a preference for anal over other forms of sex.  If this is your preference, I caution you now I am not the partner for you.  I have no weird issues with it, I just dont find it interesting or exciting.

I have put a lot of information in to this character, with reference images and everything.  If you have a blank or bare-bones profile, my interest is going to be harder to pique.  Please have a non-generic portrait and description!

Gif of how colors change on her body:

Scroll down for some spoilers on her abilities and unusual traits

The interesting stuff:

If one looks past the striking features of her hair, it almost could be forgive to think her a corpse, with that color of her skin.  However she breaths, eats, and feels warm.  There is certainly something off about her, however.

The slow, hypnotic pattern of shifting colors of her eyes and hair are in fact hypnotic.  While easy to avoid at casual observance, extended staring can cause the viewer to become more open to her suggestions and remain more relaxed or less cautious with her.

She seems to have a muted sense or touch.  Being touched feels much like wearing clothes to most.  A smack, scratch, or tug of hair is much more likely to draw her attention then a hand on her shoulder.  Her sense of taste is similar, though some foods seem to have a stronger affect upon her than others.

If she is cut, her blood is a dark purple in color with a shimmering oil-slick shine to it.

Her breasts lactate a fluid with the consistency of syrup and a sweet taste.  This fluid is white with a shimmering oil-slick color to it.

While Chroma identifies as a female, she has no female sexual organs.  What might look like folds at first look will expel a rather alien looking shaft that looks almost grafted on to her when she desires sex.  The shaft is not the same color as her skin, and striates colors like her hair.  The shaft has a tight sack beneath it, large with 4 testes inside.

Her cum is thick, sticky, and warm.  It has a consistency similar to honey, difficult to remove and wash away.  It shimmers like an oil-slick when looked at, a mess of rainbow colors jumbled together.  It leaves an oily residue on skin that also resembles a much more subdued oil-slick, which takes thorough scrubbing to remove.  She cums quite heavily, up to a full gallon of liquid upon release.  This cum when ingested tastes like fruits or berries, though never quite the same.  One moment like a lemon, the next like a raspberry, then a strawberry, etc.  Underneath this taste is a rich, musky, virile aftertaste.  Her cum leaves a sense of euphoria in her partner, a subtle psychological and chemical addiction that is easy to ignore unless experiencing regularly for an extended period of time.  Additionally she is fertile with any race, however the chance of pregnancy is extremely low unless she is spending long periods of time only with that partner.  

Reference image of cum/milk:

Its important to note she doesnt seem consciously aware of the affect her body has upon people.  Transformations caused by her are subtle and small and take extended interaction with her to start having real affect.  Transformations she causes tend to involve a change of skin tone to something paler.  Not necessarily to the corpse-white tone of her skin, but shades lighter than original tone.  Colors become more vibrant on the person, and their bodies tend to become more full figured and fertile looking.  They also seem to become more fertile as well.  There is more to this, other options and paths, but this is the basics.

She herself can be corrupted or transformed in one way or another, via demonic or fey, or angelic influence.  However without constant pressure she will slowly lose this corruption and revert to her normal state.  She repairs herself unconsciously in this way.  In other words, to corrupt Chroma for longer than a few days or a week, regular RP will be required.

More about what she is and what happens around her can be learned via RP.  I enjoy OOC planning and dont mind discussing possible routes for corruption and transformation.  However I do prefer a more organic and non-railroaded path to these sorts of things, so each experience can be different.

Addendum: I thought this was obvious by my kinks and f-list profile, but I want to put here that if you are not open to at the very least risk of pregnancy or you play infertile/barren characters, I do NOT have interest in any sort of recurring ERP with you on this character.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human