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Name: Gailleann, Eye of the Storm (Pronounced GALE-ahn)
Race: Wolffolk
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Height: 7' 10"
Weight: 385
Build: Dense, toned and proudly muscular
Fur Color: Sandy Brown
Eye color: Stormy Blue with a faint glow


Physical Description
There is a certain majesty to this wolf not often found in such a savage creature. He stands straighter, walks with more purpose and imposes his will on the world around him without any of the usual ferocity. While he lacks the sheer mass of something more lycanthropic in nature, his stature is impressive in its own right. Beneath a downy winter pelt of thick, slightly coarse fur, the man bears a chiseled figure - the result of years of trial and tribulation on and off the battlefield, typical of his brethren. Just as typical, his long mane is worn close against his back, its length spanning down to the space between his shoulders. Adorned with numerous near braids, it flows freely as he moves.

Gailleann's armor is almost nonexistent. While many of his pack choose to wear more - chainmail, scalemail, sometimes plate - Gailleann contents himself with nothing more than the hardy leather of his bracers and the modest shield he carries at his back. As a result, his body bears numerous scars as mementos of his battles. His attire consists of a hide loin cloth, a fur mantle and a pair of hard leather bracers.

His only apparent weapon is a longsword in a distinctly Nordic style, with a carved handle and etchings in the flute of the blade. Otherwise mundane, when drawn by the wolf himself, its blade comes to life with a crackling field of bright blue electricity arcing all up and down its length and humming with energy. Those with a sensitivity to magic will detect quite a bit of it simply pouring off of the man, as though he were almost made of it. As a result, the air around him feels more 'alive.' for lack of a better way to word it.


The easiest way to describe Gailleann's demeanor is to say that he is the foil to his twin, Cathal. Outwardly, he presents a calm and collected persona, with a steadfast even kilter. Slow to anger, he takes everything in stride, and with a sort of thoughtful wisdom that makes him seem a little older than he is. He's not the most vocal, preferring to speak only when necessary unless he has a good reason to be vocal. At times, he can even come across rather cold, if not outright emotionless.

Those who know him well will know that this is merely the outermost layer of a more complex personality. Just beneath the surface lies a warmer heart, a gentleness and kindness that pervades every aspect of his social side and makes for a pleasant and loyal companion come hell or high water. His sense of humor is dry as a desert though. He dispenses his sarcasm with such an even tone that it can sometimes be hard to tell if he's being serious or not.

Beneath that, his innermost workings are much more openly joyous. This comes about most commonly in the presence of very close friends or excessive amounts of alcohol. The man drinks like a fish when the mood and the opportunity arise. It's one of the few instances where he may be influenced by his much more impulsive other half. Like anyone else, he has his wants and desires. Fine liquor, fine fights and fine women are chief among them, and sober or sauced, he'll gladly pursue all three at a moment's notice.


While by no means as hedonistic as Cathal, Gailleann is no stranger to the act, nor does he shy away from it. He takes a more neutral stance on intimacy in terms of the approach, but should he find interest and common ground, he may just go for it, provided he likes the person. Sexually, he is bi with a preference for women. Orientation-wise, Gailleann is a switch with a dominant lean, doubly so for intimacy with other men. He tends to prefer casual intimacy over romance and will be very difficult to tie down to one person, but with certain people he comes to like enough, a level of intimacy beyond just fooling around is a welcome change.

The player is tell-friendly and will almost always respond to messages unless afk. Discussing potential character interactions is perfectly acceptable.

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Casual/non-serious RP, long-term partners, banter, character development, arcs, etc

Green Lights
Size Difference | Exotic Races | Rough and Gentle | Biting and Scratching | Light Bloodplay | Knotting/Tying | Bondage (Light/Medium) | Restraints | Collar/Leash Play | Dom/Sub Play | Aftercare | Switch Partners | Casual Partners | Group Scenes/Multiple Partners | Excessive Cum | Internal Cumshots | Cum Marking | Light Cum Inflation

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