Youko Amaru

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Note: This character can assume varied humanoid shapes, based on his racial traits. Assume WYSWYG.

Name: Youko Amaru

Race: Celestial Wild Fox/Tenko -  nine tailed kitsune

Height: 5'7'' / 172cm

Build: Skinny, athletic, with ripe muscles.

Eyes: Gold/Yellow - Adapted to see in the dark.

Hair: Silvery white. He's smooth except of tail, ears and head.

Teeth: Sharp, well kept.

Alignment: (Send a tell if you can detect)


A male yokai, one of the kitsune. He's androgynous and gives a quiet gaze. He usually carries a smirk of mischief on his face, and his sharp talons are very well kept.

He looked to be around twenty years old in human age, yet those who knows about his kind would know he could be very much older.

His golden eyes usually carry mystery and coldness upon them. More than often a scent of alcohol would be noticeable in his breath, and as much as he seemed neat, usually the smell of fresh sweat, wet earth and wild musk accompained him.

He kept his silky hair messy and wild, and it often gave out an impression he's a little mad.

His clothes are dusty and stained. He carries a sacred, infernal wakizashi blade, within a red sheath, and pair of blessed twin wakizashi - also, his talons look very dangerous. Usually there was some kind of bottle with alcoholic drink hanging from his belt.

He had white fox ears, nested betwen his silvery mane. A furry snow white tail waved slowly behind him. (Note: he can shapechange, sometimes ears and tail wont show)


For those with True Seeing, they would notice a celestial white fox with dangerous fangs and glowing orange eyes, with nine powerful tails on his back. The tips of his ears and tails had a red tint about them, only noticeable with true sight.

Otherwise - he could assume the form of a monstrous humanoid fox, with fearsome sharp claws and fangs.

Rumoured aliases: That Demon White Fox, White Tails, Mr. Starlight, Golden Fox, The Old Fox


Tells for lights. Pretty much open to anything. (He leans dom in ERP but can switch)

Favorites: Immersion, storylines, deep and dark themes.

(Amaru is a fox spirit and could be summoned and bound for deals and favors, if one well versed in spiritual means succeeds in it - feel free to poke the player if you're interested in that kind of RP)

(Celestial Kitsunes are known for feeding of starlight energies, and usually lean to seek for hidden knowledge and secret magic, often mastering the control of the many elements of nature and spirit magic. Amaru, as very old kitsune, has mastered the arts of illusion and many other methods of mind affecting trickery.)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf