Nathaniel Merrick

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Current updates: The bite mark on his neck has healed, leaving a clearly visible scar

The claw marks on his chest have healed and now a faint scar remains

On his chest is a series of runic tattoos in green ink

Nathaniel stands at just over 5 and a half feet,  He is well groomed,  His finger nails are well manicured and he seems fairly strong, though free of blemishes or signs of wear and tear from pyshical labour

His eyes are a piercing dark green

A spell book bound in fine leather, with a golden lock clasp hangs at his waist

A small pendant of Mystra hangs from his neck, along with a small golden signet ring with the letters N.M engraved in the seal, the ring seems to be of sentimental value to him.

A recent addition to him is a small Hafada piercing through his scrotum

//Lights available through RP,  Player is Tell Friendly

Current themes:  AFI:  I Hope you suffer

Arch Enemy  You will know my name:
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human