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A tall and lanky looking Jackal, this male is a little more than six feet tall and with an impressive physique. His fur is jet black, from muzzle to tail. His body is almost always completely exposed, the canine apparently having little if any sense of modesty. Every inch of his toned form exposed to the eye, the fur coating doing little to cover the fit form underneath. His ears usually stand at full attention, and add a few inches to his height, and his tail sways behind him, showing off most of his emotions. Finally, a pair of swords are sheathed on either side of his waist, looking well used.

He wears a tattered looking loincloth as his only article of clothing currently, which is barely enough to conceal his modesty in most situations. The slightest breeze is enough to push it aside and expose the thick sheath between his legs, a suitably impressive set of balls dangling lower. The faint scent of his natural musk easily detectable by anyone with a sensitive nose.

---Roleplay Information---

-Anyone with any Lore will be able to easily recognize him as extremely similar to the followers of Anubis, though he doesn't appear to carry any holy symbols on him-

-Any magic user will be able to detect extremely powerful magical energies coming from him.

-He?s quickly picked up a reputation in Sinfar for being a Rube, after immediately losing most of his possessions shortly after his arrival.

--Kinks and Otherwise---
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human