Ticia Freyjadottir

 Diminuitive for a human, standing an even five feet tall in the heeled footwearshe always sports.  Her frame is curvaceous, though even with her ample hips and meaty thighs, her heavy breasts give her a top heavy appearance that unbalances her form, in both appearance and movement.

 She speaks with a cultivated, near neutral accent most times, leaving only a slight "zh" inflection ovr "th" sounds, though even that part seems to be dropped as well when it suits her.  When surprised, annoyed, or angered, a more traditional northern accent slips into her speech.

 Her skin, at least the few parts of it that are visible in her normal attires, is pal;  the pallid complexion of one who spends little time in the sun rather than the unnatural pallor of the undead.  Her hair an obviously dyed black hue that sharply contrasts her flesh.  Her eyes, though, are a rich blue, though these are always behind either a pair of goggles, or spectacles.  Her lips at all times painted a deep black, though often when outdoors a mask is worn covering both mouth and nose.

 Her shoulders and arms are slender, having the smooth nature of one youthful and unaccustomed to physical labors.  By contrast, her stomach shows hints of developed muscles beneath the skin, and her back shows clearly defined striations.  Both those features, in all likelihood, solely the outcome of that hefty back-breaking rack she carried about.

 Those breasts, even supported, jiggled and bounced in an unrestrained manner.  The steps taken in walking precise, timed with great practice to the bouncing of those monstrous, pale melons, that gives her walking the appearance of floating along.  In contrast her running, the occasional time she must resort to such, is clumsy and unbalanced.  The slightest of wrong steps sending her off kilter and struggling to stay afoot.
 Should those flesh pillows be seen uncovered, their motions are even more apparent.  Even the act of breathing is enough to make them jiggle.  Lifting an arm enough to set them bouncing for long moments.  As such, the large pink nipples that crown them, and the slightly brownish areola that surround those, are seldom seen even during more intimate acts.

 Her hips are wide, having a curve that along with her rounded rump give that "child birthing" appearance.  The sort that would seem matronly were she not, despite all the womanly appearances of her frame, barely out of her teens.  Her thighs, as rounded and meaty as they were, had the smallest of gaps, just beneath the perpetually parted labial folds that rested at the "V" of her pelvis.

[OOC  --  Character isa "power-bottom", and though she leans dominant, she has no interest in bdsm style play.]

Reds (All Situations)  -- Toilet play, gore, vore, non-sexual torture, Long term slavery, Heavy Bondage

[Non-Consentual Scenarios -- Lost Duels (Most likely), Violent Rapes (Least likely to be OOCly interesting in playing out)]
-- Heavily mood, scenario, and  and player dependent to have any interest in playing out.
Yellows -- Short term slavery, Extended multi-person scenes, Beatings (But not cutting, scarring, etc...) to overcome resistance
Greens -- .  Rough/violent sex;, slapping,  forced bondage; Sexual torture - especially forced orgasms/orgasm denial; Bestiality; Genders/Races not preferred by the character, Anything in the Consentual Greens (Below)
Whites -- Anything in the Consentual whites (Below)

[Consentual Sex -- Prostitution (Most likely), Favors (Likely), Hook-Up Sex (Least likely) ]

Reds --  Bestiality

Yellows -- Monstrous Humanoids, Fiends, Animal Cocks, Obvious Undead, Males in "Hook-Up" sex

Greens -- Males (Prostitution, Returning "Favors"), Females, vaginal, anal , large/multiple insertions, creampies, cum inflation.

Whites -- Shemales, Herms, Traps/Trans (Feminine appearing with cock), Tit-Fucking, Hand Jobs, Facials, Clothed/Mostly Clothed Sex

Player:Generic Human
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human