Gueruin Stonescale

An older dwarf who had seen his days in battles and endless journeys for sure, judging by the knicks, cuts and more serious looking scars that mar what of his flesh can be seen. Despite the less than appealing appearance, Gueruin is a rather happy old man, if at time surly and cranky, as old folks some times are. All too often he smelled of good brewed ale, regardless of whom made it. 'A man would piss it all out the same anyhow,' he would commonly say.

In his older age, people could think  Gueruin lacks the age needed to be of any use to a woman, even if one did find him appealing in that way. That does not mean they are right. He will not try to cop a feel or enjoy the company of a lovely woman. He isn't picky. He could afford the time it takes to be so any more.

Gueruin wears a gold engraved wedding ring at his left ring finger. A symbol of his love for Melisa, his wife. On the ring, people can read the following message : " From Melisa Amaya, now Melisa Stonescale, for Gueruin Stonescale, my love, i give you my whole heart "


Lights :

Green : Too many to list, i go with the flow of the RP.

Yellow : mood dependant

Red : Permanent death or mutilation, all stuff against server's rules.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Dwarf