6'2" Human female warrior, dark brown hair and eyes. She has grown quite tight, toned and muscular through recent battle training and often dresses to show off this improved physique. Sometimes now, on rare occasions, she might be seen to sport a considerable bulge in her crotch.

The amulet she wears around her neck identifies her as a Member of the Syrene Amazons. She also wears a black leather collar with blood-red stitching with an inscription on the front that reads, "Lili's Slut". On the fingers of her right hand, she wears two rings. One knowledgable in the lore of magic items would recognize them as a Ring of Magic Cocks and a Ring of Pregnancy Prevention.

Preference: Lesbian Switch (Now tending toward about 75% Submissive/25% Dominant).

Green: Females of all races, other warrior women, elves, drow, demons, devils, angels, monsters, beasts (Shemales of these types are now green as well). All Giving & Receiving: Oral, vaginal, anal, fisting, rimming, tribbing, strapons, dom/sub, bdsm, multiple partners, public, alleys and other grimy locales.

Yellow: Pregnancy, body modification.

Red: Males, being collared, childlike chars, scat, rule-breaking and godmoding.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human