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Name: Ziki
Race: Halfling?
Height: 3'5
Weight: 40 lb
Build: Athletic and toned with a busty body and a healthy layer of fat over a dancers figure
Sexuality: Bi-Curious, mostly straight

Your every day, average run of the mill halfling with mahogany colored hair drawn into a tuft of a rat tail to keep it out of her bangs. She is a tad bustier than her other kin but is no less agile, often favoring tight fiting clothes that stretch for the tiny martial artists. Scuff marks and tears in her clothing are quite common but modesty is the least of her concerns.

Her thighs are thick, powerful tools of purpose that, like the rest of her, protect its self with a healthy layer of fat. The squeezable limbs provide support for a bubbled butt that jiggles just a little with each step she takes. Her heavy chest fairs no better against gravity and rest assured that whatever top she wears is put to the test.

She is mostly a cheerful sort with a big smile spreading the dense forest of freckles on her face from cheek to cheek. While she is drowned in poise and manner there is the inkling of mischief that lurks beneath the surface of her all too common forest green eyes.

Upon her neck hangs a symbol of the order of Hin Fist. A knowledgeable sort could glean that it is a monk order comprised of the short folk. Walking past her often leaves the scent of herbs and tea.


Those blessed with true vision would not just see a run of the mill halfling but one with an incredible bust that could put some larger folk to shame! A big bottom that seems inflated into a big, round ball that could be described as matronly. Her skin has taken on a deep, reddish tiny to it with her hair an ashen color.

Fangs, claws and a very wild tail flicks behind her used for balance. The spaded tail is covered with just a thin veil of fur that trails back into skin near the base. Her eyes have taken on a deep, purple hue and the sexualized looking creature looks... hungry. What could this creature be?

Sex Roleplay:
Reds: Scat/Sounding/Urine/Animal Genitalia

Green: Vaginal, pretty much anything else but please ask if it's off the wall. No judgement here!

White: Anal, oral, deep throating,throat fucking, sloppy, rough sex, cuddling, and much more that can be discovered in RP! Is mostly sub

Notes: I am tell friendly and approach friendly! Don't be shy!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Halfling