Elise Kelm

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A typical girl next door. Elise is just another human woman who came to Sinfar in search of adventure. Where this will bring her, no one knows.

She is in her middle twenties with her hair usually tied up with bangs often hanging free. Her eyes share the same brown color as her eyes, and she rarely uses color for her lips.

Her body is well taken care of. She keeps her diet, and jogs a lot to keep her perfect frame. Her breast fill a D cup bra

- Sexuality -
Swings for: Women
Likes: Dominant women
Dislikes: Unsure
Position: Sub

Females, femboys, and anything in between. As long as its not a manly male, I am probably okay with it. I enjoy the occasional kinky fling, and if there is something you are curious about, you ask. ;) Some nice lingerie, some sexy latex... forceful actions, consensual or no.. corruption is always fun.. drugging, hypnosis, and mind altering magic are sure hits..

Yellows are.. Halflings.  Sorry, little ones, they just don't do anything for me.

Red: undead, orcs, goblins.. Violence, torture... You know, the usual stuff.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human