Name  Alexi

Actual Age : Estimated 130 150
Age Appearance - Early Twenties

Race : Moon Elf

Height  4F 11

Weight  114 pounds

Sexual Identity : Female

Sexual Orientation : BI Sub/Switch


You see before you a elegant elf beauty, with Exquisite refined features and perky radiant face decorated  with shoulder length straight dark brown silky hair and mesmerising bright silver eyes, those alluring wide eyes captivated by curiosity and wonder.

At first glance Alexi has a certain angelic innocence to her delightfully appeasing form,  like many a elf she has a petite slender build slim and agile with long legs supporting a shorter body, apron closer inspection her sensuous curves are more noticeable she has perfect hourglass form fit for childbirth and a heavy bust.

The silver eyed  elf is often seen wearing rather revealing colourful attires that drawn attention to her assets often contradicting her seemingly shy meek demeanour.

If seen naked the elf is revealed to be fully female, with additional parts and a glistering hairless pink pussy, her delicate soft skin well cared for with only the one marking visible, a branded S on her right arse cheek. Alexi's sensual is adored by a strawberry like sweet fragrance her natural scent persistent but not overpowering, should she become deeply aroused her intoxicating odor shifts to a more lavender like smells


Friendly, respectful, docile, curious,  Naive, Quiet and Shy Alexi is not overly complicated but her personality can is often dictated by circumstance, polite and well mannered and not one to seek the spot light she'll be reserved and shy in large groups or around strangers but noticeably more bubbly and welcoming once comfortable.

Although not innately slutty her submissive natural can often lead to her being viewed in such a manner.


Alexi spent her first one hundred years in a secluded elf village deep in the wilderness, hunting and gathering were parts of her everyday life and she was taught to love nature and all it offered her, despite her upbringing and beautiful scenery that surrounded her Alexi only real interest was magic, her village had a few books of myth and legend and she'd often find herself reading those pages picturing the amazing godlike feats detailed, mages capable of commanding legions of dragons, or evil necromancers blacking out the very sun these tales of legend widened her eyes, making her life with her people feel mundane, Alexi herself practised magic as many of her people could but her feats were a far cry from the white bearded wizards in her storybooks.

Longing for Adventure and fascinated by the arcane Alexi left the safety of her homeland as soon as she was prohibited heading north she found herself in a human town on the outskirts Athkatla capital of Amn, The naive elf expected her her magic would make her respected and held in high esteem as it was in her books, intent on finding a wizards guild so that she could practice and study, as a apprentice magi, she showcased her magic with a foray of harmless light shows only to be attacked and detained by a local mob. Collared and Branded she was sold to a member of the Cowled wizards and taken to a stronghold to be used as test subject.

The cruelty of the humans shocked Alexi but it was lack of actual magic these wizards possessed that truly disheartened the elf, those wide eyes growing grey and lifeless as she witnessed her captors practice magics far weaker then she had envisioned and not to far ahead of her own natural magic, after months in dungeon watching her captors fumble about with magics they knew not how to control, there was a  massive explosion.

Perhaps not even Alexi herself knows the full details of what actually transpired and how she ended up in the City of Sinfar, those dead resurrected once more widening with amazement at what she saw. All manners of creatures myths and legends, demons, angels, mages using god like levels of magic with ease this new world she stumbled into confused and weary was full of wonder, filling Alexi with hope reborn, and shredding any fear she may of had for her former mage masters.

What's next in Store for the Elf, will she finally become the wizard she dreamed of being, or will she be consumed by darker forces in this colourful vibrant new world (stay tuned)

Lights : ((OOC my lights are more what player based then character as darker themed stuff character will likely resist at first until she's a broken mess like the perve that made her))

Favs : Public scenes , semi public scenes humiliation, leashes, gags, blindfolds, collars, cages, torture devices, slavery, non con, forced submission, kidnapping, debt paying, being manipulated/tricked, dominate partners, objectification, being paraded or put on display kobolds, goblins, orcs, drows, humans, males, shemale, oral anal, rough sex, continuity in rp. Adventures, friendships, rivalries, cuddles. abusive relationships, spankings, training, behaviour modifications, branding, tattoing, marking, mild torture, boot licking,

Likes : Vanilla with females, elves, demonic characters, angelic, monstrous, tentacles, prostitution, torture, pain, dwarfs, aliens, tickling, rimming

Okay's : One time RPs, actions without consequences, quickies, vanilla, drugs, violence without sex, Alexi Doming, extreme torture, fisting, drug usage, mind control (feels cheap train her right) maning,

Not Now Not Ever : Perm Death, piss or scatt play, underage characters, ooc drama, anything RL related.  

(Anything not mentioned ask about it's likely okay, it's come to my attention most of my preferred roleplays imply perm changes to alexi, I am open to such but may not always update description right away or keep changes made, this is to avoid having X's name on her and never encountering X again, though more general changes can stay perm, I don't want to deter RP's by advertising alexi as belonging to someone else, unless there are follow up RP's and she really does belong to X.)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf