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Name: Kaiah
Race: Wolfkin
Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Height: 6'8"
Build: Curvy
Fur Colour: Black and Grey
Eye Colour: Pale Gold
Orientation: Straight
Scent: Flowers and Wintergreen


Physical Description:
You see before you a fairly tall, confident looking Wolfkin woman, perhaps in her early twenties. Intelligent pale golden eyes watch you with kind curiosity, a friendly smile perpetually on her ebony lips, alert ears swivelling to and fro. Thick fur covers her in a weather proof double coat, the outer layer dense and slightly coarse, the inner soft and insulating, further softening her already padded, athletic figure. Mostly coloured a deep black, it lightens to a medium grey on her points, along her jaw, chest, belly, lap and thighs.


Kaiah is a rather sunny and laid back person by nature, seemingly always smiling and ready to laugh with her rather goofy sense of humour. She is kindhearted and genuine to a fault, quite often entirely missing when interested people are flirting if they're being too subtle. While she often comes across as naive at first and seems to be caught off guard if a conversation suddenly turns sexual, she is far from uncomfortable and likely to join in, especially if she's finds a person appealing.


Not quite as forward as her elder sister Tannis, Kaiah still very much enjoys flirtatious banter and the attentions and company of attractive males. While she prefers to get to know people a little before moving on to anything intimate, she is certainly not uninterested in sex.

White Lights:
Casual/non-serious or silly RP, banter, games, anything typically day-to-day, cuddling/affection

Green Lights:
Long term relationships, adventure, flirting, males, beast races, taller partners (1-3ft)

Yellow lights:
Romantic relationships, ERP, humans/human adjacent, shorter partners (within 1ft), group scenes.

Red Lights:
ERP with no lead up, being touched by strangers, casual flings with strangers, Females, Herms/Shemales, effeminate males, androgynous characters, much shorter males, hyper anything, small races, anything against server rules, toilet play, vore, non-con.

Profile is a constant WIP. I'm tell friendly, so feel free to ask/talk at me.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human