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Name: Najashara
Race: Rakshasa
Gender: Female
Age: Centuries
Height: 6'
Weight: 218 lbs
Build: Athletic
Fur Colour: Orange & Black
Eye Colour: Amber


Physical Description:

Sleek of build, this individual sports the musculature of a svelte acrobat. Carrying herself with the grace of which to match, she has the head of a proud predator. The tiger-like features ending in a wide nose of velvet and nestled beneath it are dark lips of leather.

Typically found dressed in lavish, vibrant clothes and adorned in fine jewelry. Notably at a glance being the gold ring studded through an ear, along with the necklace of pearls hanging about her neck which she is fond of clutching religiously.

Striped patterns of black cover the majority of her orange furred body, noticeably tapering off towards the end of her limbs. Becoming a solid black in colouration, accentuating the odd nature of her hands; digits facing outwards when resting idle, and fingertips ending in sharp clawed points.



Given the way she carries herself, it'd be safe to assume she comes off as a little haughty. Seeming a touch reserved when dealing with others, at least in public. Her voice carries a low rumbling with it, rolling the emphasis of some words.



Generally tell-friendly and approachable. Open to discussion on all manner of things.

White Lights:

Engaging characters. Intrigue. Courtship. Lore-appropriate racism or favourtism. Comedic juxtapositions. Consequences.

Green Lights:

Male partners. Size disparity. Smoking. Drugs. Fine wine. Groups. Oral. Vaginal. Anal. Mortal humanoids. Monsters. Well-played planar beings. Water torture. Intercrural. Penetrative or non-penetrative. Somnophilia. Rimming. Consensual. Non-consensual. Small and regular sized genitalia. Piercings.

Yellow Lights:

Female partners. Graphic Torture. Immortal humanoids. Watersports. Excessively dominate or submissive partners. Large genitalia.

Red Lights:

Shallow characters. Scat. Filth. Gore. Vore. Hyper. OOC Play.
Player:Severed in Sleep
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human