Aisling Arma

Aisling "Ashling" Arma


-The short version-
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Bits: Female
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Skin: Olive
Height: 5"
Weight: Around 130lbs
Build: Athletic
Bust: D's
Clothing: Usually seen in a black body suit and light combat tech armor. Keeps an energy pistol at her side.

-The long version-

Aisling looks the part of a space pilot. She carries herself with a sense of confidence, clad in a high-tech form-fitting body suit and armor painted with a matte green finish. The chips and burns on her armor tell the tale of where she's been.

She's not used to living in a land where magic and centuries of differing technology levels intermingle. But it fills her with a sense of curiosity, and the thrill of opportunity for riches and adventure.


What do you do when you're a pilot flying for the losing side and your carrier goes down without you in it? Do you keep fighting until you and your whole squadron are killed, or do you do the smart thing and run to fight again another day? Too bad the tribunal didn't see it that way.

Years later, Aisling is a soldier of fortune and a seeker of hidden treasures. It's a risky career, but the only one she has to answer to is herself.



Orientation: Bisexual, open to many things

Reds: [Server rules], [scat], [rimming], [pee], [gore]

Yellows: [Anal], [vanilla]

Greens: [Women], [Hermaphrodites], [Shemales], [Being approached], [Sci-fi themes/characters], [Furries], [Multiple partners], [Exotic skin and hair colours], [Exotic races], [Equals or switches]

Whites: [Dark themes], [Bad endings], [Non-con/dub-con], [Adventures leading to intimate encounters], [Transformation], [Corruption], [Getting tricked into transforming or corrupting herself], [Mind-control], [Identity death], [Sexuality changed], [Gender play], [Crazy sci-fi situations], [Being ruined], [Consequences]
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human