Vanessa de Lioncourt

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Race: Human
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: Dyed red
Eyes: Turquoise
Skin: Pale

A human, with eyes glowing of a turquoise blue radiance and her flesh being pale as the moon.
Sturdy in build, voluptuous in all the right places, yet toned and well defined with a hint of muscle upon back, stomach and limbs. She is far from being frail, likely able to withstand some rough handling.

Each breast would make more than a handful for any man: firm, yet pleasantly pliable, tipped with a set of pink, persistently perky and sensitive nipples. Her waistline tapers inward, nearly waspish compared to the sudden flare of broad, round hips and taught, heart-shaped rump, balancing out her upper half in a nice, hourglass shape. Her legs are rather long, sculpted and shapely, with or without a pair of heels for enhancement.

Her face, unlike the rest of her, is nothing spectacular to look upon. Though attractive, her features are far from being drop dead gorgeous. The color of her eyes are quite beautiful; crystalline turquoise, streaked with silver, almost seeming to reflect light. Her nose is narrow, gently sloped, ending with a slight upturned tip. Her lips neither to thin or too thick, naturally shaded the same color as her nipples.

Her dyed red hair is well kept, usually left loose to fall past her shoulders in gentle waves. Long enough to wrap around a fist, if needed.

Either she's not entirely human, or she's been blessed (or cursed) by some magical enchantment. Extremely resilient, her body seems capable of taking nearly anything, of any size (not without pain, in extreme cases) bouncing back within hours, with no long term effects. No matter the size, large or small, she always feels like she was made just for whoever, or what ever has decided to make use of her.

Exceptionally flexible, she can be contorted and twisted into almost any position imaginable, with minimal discomfort.

Red: OOC Stalking, females in ERP, Metagaming, Pedophilia, Rule breaking, Scat, OOC Drama, Fur, Anything permanent without my consent.

Yellows: Rape and semi public scenes.

Greens: Pretty much anything else, if not sure ask.

Favorites: Size difference, Cum Play, Cock Worship, Oral, Large Doms (Orcs, ogres, giants), Large Insertions, Ryona, Being tricked, Being insulted, Cum Bloating, DEEP Penetration.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human