Sorceress Swap

Small, rearward curving horns sprout from  finger combed auburn hair that falls just below Lily's shoulders. Mismatched eyes peer out from a semi-cherubic face marked by the the beginnings of laugh lines and crow's feet. In low light, those eyes are faintly luminous. Freckles pepper the tiefling's nose and cheeks.

Her chest and petite bosom is similarly speckled, even near her neckline, which is typically low and cut to frame the two coin-sized pendants of silver and gold that rest there. Her top is simple and cut from cloth in deep and saturated hues, tailored in at the waist before flaring back out to accommodate her pear shape.

A long flesh colored tail sprouts from her hips, anchored in a swell of musculature that allows it to move and terminated in a spade shaped point. Her garments are all altered to fit around the appendage and its wide range of movement.

Hanging under her right arm is a well-traveled leather satchel that rests against the top of her overtly feminine lower half. Scuff marks in the leather coincide with a small bracelet charm of stylized female lips that dangle from a gold chain.

White (Please do): Teasing, flirting, giving oral (rimming and female parts), females, trans, shemales, herms, kissing, clothed sex, cum on clothes and body, messy sex

Green (Please enjoy): Men, anal, vaginal, multiple partners, orgasm denial (giving and recieving), bladder teasing, unusual or bizarre races, bestial races, quickies, voyeurism, being watched

Yellow (Please ask): BDSM, performing oral on phallic parts

Red(Please don't): Mutilation, death, rape, scat and flatulence, permanent disfigurement, violence.

If you're unsure, I probably am as well. Send a tell, and we'll figure it out.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human