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[IC: Identification]
Name: Omen
Species: An Evolved Subspecies of Dog
Tribe: Vashkari
Place of Birth: The V'kash Plains
World of Origin: Unknown

[IC: Appearance]
Gender: Female

Appearance: As model

Voice: Feminine Yet Husky. Like a Canine Tina Turner.

[IC: Noticable Traits]
When Omen is wounded, her wounds smell not only of her own blood, but also faintly of a strange hybrid of cut grass and fungus spores. This may be connected to the fact that said wounds visibly regenerate over a duration of minutes or hours, rather than days.

[Meta: World Summary]
Omen comes from a Barbaric, Post-Human world that is akin to that of Conan the Barbarian, albeit a version of it populated by species of evolved pets, livestock, and service animals rather than proto-humanity.

These evolved animals either venerate or fear humanity, believing them to be children of the gods, usually believed to be either (at a broad, species level) fully benevolent stewards and guardians (The "Dog" mindset) or fully malevolent tormentors (The "Cat" Mindset).

Those of the "Cat" Mindset are the most "civilized" and advanced, yet also the most cruel, while those of the "Dog" mindset tend to be divided into savage yet often kindly tribes, or live the lifestyles of lone wanderers.

Those few species whose beliefs are most commonly in-between the "cat" and "dog" mindsets are somewhere in between in civilization, cruelty versus kindness, and societal and technological advancement, with no mapping in particular of those traits to how their "Normal" views of humanity are.

The dominant species are descended from dogs and cats, and magic (the same force that caused Humanity's "Last War" and resulting extinction with it's emergence, and the following heat wave and accelerated evolution of domestic species afterwards) is powerful but rare and misunderstood.... and often only used by those most ruthless, self-serving, and cruel of their kind (despite magic not being inherently good or evil, the method of it's practical use requires an act of supreme corruption for natives of this world, the bartering of their soul to demons).

[OOC: Note on Attribute Rolls]
If requested (or at my own discretion), and to enhance RP, I will use attribute rolls to add randomness and additional emphasis to actions, outcomes, and defenses against actions. In addition to their obvious uses, they may show up as follows:

Strength: Brutality for comedic effect, such as especially forceful petting "You killed the rabbit, Lenny...". This is typically just to show how much force is applied, not to enforce anything upon other characters.

Dexterity: Attempting to prevent clumsiness or other mishaps of a physical and comedic nature. This is not imposed upon anyone else, either myself or no one at all.

Constitution: Attempting to overeat, drink in excess, or overdo anything worth doing in moderation. Omen doesn't have an off switch, and her lack of bodily awareness can get her in trouble sometimes.

Intelligence: Attempting to avoid getting tricked into things, making idiotic mistakes, or simply realizing things she should have figured out a long time ago. Omen is not a very smart woman.

Wisdom: Attempting to figure out the most basic elements of common sense. For Omen this may as well be a superpower.

Charisma: Attempting not to make a complete fool of herself socially. Not so much a measure of her trying to be likeable or attractive or cute as trying to not be adorably socially inept.

[OOC: Warning to Trolls]
If you try to pass of trolling as in-character behavior, I will call you out on it and take appropriate action. Being combative, strange, or insulting in-character is one thing, using RP to justify trolling performed via such methods is a completely different thing. You have been warned.

[OOC: Lights]
Lights will be handled organically - If it's a yellow light I will grant or deny permissions as the situation is lead into or occurs.

In General:
Red: ERP with no plot or RP background
Yellow: ERP supported by plot or RP*.
Green: N/A


More Specifically
Red: Scat, Oral Vore (This means eating flesh by mouth in a sexual manner), Incest, Watersports, Masculine Men, sexual activities with characters that act too much like minors for comfort, and sexual activities with flat-chested halfling, dwarf, or gnome women (Or flat-chested women of races with similar proportions to halflings, dwarves, or gnomes).

Yellow: Non-Consent, Dubious Consent, Feminine Men, Shemales, Herms, most body modifications, and permenent status changes such as slavery. Permanent mental changes of any type.

Green: Groping, Fondling, Spanking, Cuddling, Petting, Ear Scratches, Belly Rubs, Slave Play, Pet Play, Short Term Slavery/Pet Status, Being treated as an animal, pet, or savage, skimpy clothing, leash play, hard labor, leather garments, harnesses, submission, women, mind control, kinky sorcery, peanut butter, being made to submit, lactation play, aftercare, and being made into someone else's bitch (In the literal "female dog" sense, as well as the less literal "Super submissive" sense).
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human