A lapine of fey origins. She's albine,  very thin and athletic, and looks young. Her movements are quick and agile. She's a bit jumpy. Like their rabbit kin, lapines have keen senses, particularly hearing, and tend to maintain an alert, watchful stance even when at rest. For this reason, they are often taken as jumpy or fearful by other humanoid races.

She looks always a bit agitated and anxious, when not, she looks really tired and seem to be resting.
Her eyes are red and big, always watchful and wary.

Her voice is high pitched, but she is usually very quiet, and she keeps her voice low.

Quick as she is, her disadvantage is both the small size and weak arms, and her hollow bones that makes her very vulnerable to blunting hits.

She has fur on her ears and fluffy tail, but the rest of her skin is of a very white skin, pale and almost transparent, silky.
She kept herself fairly groomed, yet she was usually a little sweaty from all the running she enjoyed to do.
She smelled of baby powder and grass, and she favored clothes that allowed her to run easily.


I will RP whatever happens to my character. So feel free to approach her.
Note: My greens are not my characters greens.

Green: story driven, adventure, social rp, predator races, humiliation, bdsm, violence, being approached, dub/non con, forcing her, kidnapping, blackmail, coercion, abuse, groups, forced prostitution, being enslaved, monster races, all sexes, social, watersports, bad endings, partner enjoying/Mila not enjoying, denial, suffocation, making her cry, long term, short term.

Yellow: Permadeath (ask first?)

Reds: domming, server rules - if it's not listed in red it's not a red.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf