A man that has heritage from the Celestial heavens stands before you. A towering figure that stands 7 feet. He has a muscular build, his body is covered in bulging muscles, especially in his arms, wrists, and chest. Nobody knows his age but one could safely assume he is in his twenties.

When standing beside him, many could feel an aura of goodness and protection from him, a welcoming feeling to those of good alignment. He has an aura of pride and self-esteem.

His hair is silver and cut, short and spiky. On his back are white feathery wings, strong to support his weight but soft to the touch. Golden eyes that seem to penetrate you and a chiseled jaw with a handsome face can be found on this man. When he speaks, his voice is syrupy smooth.

Those standing close enough to smell him would be greeted with a masculine fragrance that combines notes of lemon and lavender with notes of warm orange blossom. Mysterious and seductive hints of musk and cedar can also be picked up.

// Walk-up and tell friendly.

Greens - Females, long-term, breeding/impregnation, creampies, vanilla.

Yellows - Public, rape, multiple partners.

Reds- Shemales, males, server rules, gore/vore, bathroom, herms.

// Please note that I will RP with anyone, even those listed in reds. Lights are just for ERP purposes.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human