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Name: Tannis
Race: Brown Wolfkin
Age: Young-ish Adult
Sex: Female
Build: Athletic with a stronger upper body and core
Height: 6' 4"
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Orientation: Bi-Sexual


Physical Description:

Those with the nose for it can catch the scent of heat on her currently

Situated within your view is a proud example of all that it is to be Wolfkin. Tannis stands modestly tall at a bit above what would be at the upper edges of human height. From her nose to her toes, she's coated down with a hardy layer of dense, slightly coarse fur that protects a much softer inner layer, giving her some natural waterproofing and further enhancing her silhouette. It runs a rich chocolate brown along her dorsal regions, but fades to a much softer brown about her front, reaching a sort of dark beige that fills out her facial features, the front of her throat, her chest, lap and inner thighs, and a little onto the under side of the base of her tail. This same color further extends out onto each limb, along the inner biceps and fully covering her forearms, hands, shins and feet. It strikes a nice contrast with the bright golden orange of her hawkish eyes and the dark ebony of her lips, seemingly always caught up in a cocksure smile.

Beneath all that, the woman is built with a right impressive level of physical fitness born of a lifetime of activity, be it hunting or hard labor or play. She's an archer by practice and so supports a firm, powerful upper body - core, shoulders, back and arms. Her legs are about as tough, though slightly less defined, as she's got a speckling of fatty padding about her hips and sides to smooth out the curves of her body. It's a bit hard to catch given all the fur, but in the right light, one can almost see the ridges form when the outer layer of protection flows to follow her movements.


It's easy enough to gauge at a glance that anyone coming to meet Tannis is likely in for a good time. She's got a smile on pretty much all the time, stands tall and gazes about her environment with an apparent appreciation for just about everything. Exploring is in her blood - places, people, it's all the same to this wolf. She loves meeting new faces and scents and doesn't seem to have any particular bias against anyone, at least outwardly. By and large, she's a very friendly sort, though in those instances where one provokes her ire, she is a fearsome enemy and is not always so easy to forgive legitimate offenses. Still, for those who remain in her good book, Tannis makes for a fine friend and travel companion for those long and lonely roads.


Lights: For the most part, she's a very laid back sort, content to take things as they come, but it's not uncommon for this predator to give chase. She likes to flirt and banter above all else. Expect a bit of bluntness here and there, as well as friendly vitriol. She's not exactly rude, but she's far, far from a proper lady.

White Lights - Always Welcome:
RP, Socialization/Character Interaction, IC consequences for things, Silly/Unserious RP, Banter, Flirting

Green lights - Generally Accepted:
Casual Partners, Friends with Benefits, Informality, Exhibitionism, D/s play, Rough Sex, Switch Partners (She is a switch herself), Bondage (Light/Medium), Competition, Pet Play, Size Difference (Larger Partners), Messy Finishes, Cum Inflation (Light), Multiple Partners, Beastfolk Races (especially Canine, Feline and Equine), Exotic Races, Knots/Tying, Beasts/Ferals, And many more

Yellow lights - Hard Maybe/Situational:
Watersports, Excessive Size Difference (Larger Partners), Size Difference (Smaller Partners), Romance

Red Lights - There's Almost No Way:
Anything that violates server rules, Underaged or Childish Characters, Scat, Extreme Size Difference, Clingy People, Shallow Characters, Excessive Gore, Vore, Hyper Anything, And anything else as subject to the situation.
Player:Fetch This
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human