Jayelin Reed

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A tall woman, an inch shy of six feet, unless she's in heels, which she always, always is. A toned, athletically fit frame, with legs for days and lush, dramatic curves in all the right places, thick shiny dark hair, brilliant amber-gold eyes, and smooth soft skin the color of warm sweet mocha. She seems human, somewhere around twenty summers, but this is Sinfar, so who knows? She keeps herself bedecked in lavish gold and bright sparkling gems and the latest Sinifer City styles (that is, she dresses like a -very- expensive callgirl), but her accent and attitude and especially her crooked cocky quirk of a grin are pure street trash.

Green lights: RP and all of its variations, permutations, and consequences

Red lights: the usual - torture, gore, mutilation, vore, bathroom stuff
Player:Too Cold To Snow
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf