Rina Skrawl

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Last Edited - Feb 24 2019

Name: Rina Skrawl

Race: Some type of Elf

Age: 129

Skin: Dark, soft, and supple skin except for feet and fingers which are calloused and coarse.

Build: Fit. Well-muscled despite not having the appearance of such.

Scent: Typically a combination of grassy notes with a tang of acids and a hint of vanilla over an underlying mustiness. Like an old book.
It's bound to change depending on what she's been up to, so if you want a more accurate current descriptor just find a way to hint that your character's getting a whiff.

Occupation: A well read and worldly, though sometimes forgetful, bard.

Attitude: She's a reserved, albeit typically polite elf who TRIES to avoid making a fuss.

Tattoos: Flowery vine tattoos of blue and black cover her left bicep and upper right leg.

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 129 lb.

Eye Color: Dull Gold

Hair:  Wavy locks of dark oxford blue hair cascade down to her shoulders. The tresses would feel silky and smooth to the touch. Almost like a flower's petals.

Accessories:She can often be seen carrying around a large, very heavy looking brown pack. A bedroll can be found strapped to the bottom, an umbrella to the side, and a lute to the other. She occasionally wears a cloak or mantle that will cover it, but the outline will still be visible.
((If you see the pack on the ground, you may examine it if you wish to learn more.))*

When you approach her, you may notice that she is not very like that of her elven kin. Her mannerisms betray her to have lived among Humans for many years of her life, or at least away from other Elves. While not having much of an accent, one will occasionally rear its head, especially if made angry or drunk.

Background: Role play if you really want to find out.

Green and Yellow: If you can RP to it while in character, and it doesn't break the server rules, I'll usually allow it out of character. This includes anything from vanilla to non-con and heavy bondage. Rina may IC dislike it, or whoever is doing it, though. Consequences should be expected IC for obviously negative things.

Reds: Powerplaying and metagaming.Permanent things without talk about it on SOME level OOC.It should go without saying that breaking the rules is a no go.

* Seeing as some people open the pack while it's still on Rina's back, I've decided to put its description here as well as on the item itself.
               Rina's Pack:                    >-----)00(-----<
Sitting in front of you is a plain, but rather heavy looking, brown backpack. Parts of it look newer than others, with fresh stitching and leather. The outside holds an umbrella, a lute, and a bedroll all strapped to different sides. Below the umbrella resides a small pocket that if opened, seems to hold a notebook and a handful of pencils.Two sword handles stick out of the flap at the top.

If you open the main flap of the bag, you'll find a bundle of neatly folded clothes resting on top. Digging deeper, you'd find a half a dozen decent-sized bags, that can be found to be magical, and hold things ranging from various creature's bits, to food and drink. Then there's one larger magical bag that seems to hold several dozen books if opened. Tucked carefully into a sheath, the rest of Rina's Rapier rests inside along with the rest of a wooden training rapier.

The bag is noticeable even more-so if your character is detecting magic, as the perfectly normal bag is filled with smaller bags of holding.
If you can see this bag, the owner is probably in the same zone, or one zone away.
If you're looking for a more detailed list of what's inside the bag, or something in particular, (Either to steal, or just out of curiosity while digging through it.) please send the owner a tell. You can even ask to read her notebook, if you'd like. If you plan to steal the whole bag, please send the owner a tell, and they will stop using their inventory until their bag is returned to them! IF you do try and steal the bag, expect consequences IC. Even if you steal it without anyone noticing, Rina will come looking for it!

OOC Notes

I'm tell friendly, and I'm always glad to RP! If you say something to Rina, and I don't respond, please send a tell, I'll hear the sound in the web client!

Character is compatible with the "Swap Gender" spell, just for the sake of RP.

Remember that what happens in character is just that, in character.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf