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Through /roleplay/ you can figure everything else out!

Race: Tiefling(Sub) / Demonic Shifted Form (Dom(Growing Parts-optional))
Hair: Ever changing
Eyes: Yellow
Hieght: 4'5
Body Type: Athletic curves
Attitude: Cognative dissonance
Profession: Sorcerer
Hobbies: Magic, exploring, adventures and learning about lore and history
Outfit: Constantly changing
Markings: Facial and body piercings
Gender: Strictly female / Demonic form-optional growth

Greens a Go: Roleplay! Adventuring Roleplay! Random conversations and ordeals! Magic! Lore! Exploration! Immersion! Imagination! Being descriptive! Angels! Demons! Furbies! You! He or she! Monsters! Sci-fy! Dimensional beings! Dark themes! Vanilla themes! Twisted and fucked up themes! Nice and cute themes! Plot curves! Roleplay depth! Bondage! BDSM! Torture! Capture Rp! Domination (Giving/Receiving)! Submission! Building of characters! Attention to details! Using your surroundings! Literally just about everything!

No no Reds: Breaking of server rules.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human