Caisy Immeril

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Female Sun Elf (submissive but bratty)

Lady Caisianna Immeril, a sun elf noble from Eversyl where her father is advisor to the High King. She tends to be a bit of a brat and it's easy to see she was given all she wanted all her life. She is actively trying to be more tolerant of other races and creatures but still her upbringing manages to poke through here and there.

She's very thin and willowy with long pink hair which she keeps colored through her magic. Her facial expressions and features show her somewhat snobbish nature.

Bio is a work in progress. But most character information will come out through RP.

Disclaimer: Caisy can seem racist and rude, she can seem entitled but this doesn't reflect the player's attitude .. only Caisy's and she is willing to face the consequences of that behavior.


Red: Nothing against server rules, no ooc jealousy or possessiveness. No permanent changes without discussion.

Yellow: I struggle with crowd situations though I do like to be pushed at times as well. Overall just be patient with me in crowds and we'll be fine.

Green: Above all really just meeting all your wonderful characters and general RP. Most things not listed above are fine. Females, Males and inbetween. All races, Dominants (you). Being put in her place, especially by drow, who she seems to have the most trouble with (even if she does appear to be civil to them).  I like to follow IC consequences. Though really if it gets too much for me I'll just fade to black.

White: I enjoy darker play. Slave/Pet Play, non-cons and consequences.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf