Height: 4'5
Eyes: Foggy white haze
Hair: White and silver
Body: Slim curves, thick
Race: Drow
Profession: Drug dealer, smuggler, archive Keeper at Damiens' Country Club
Origins: Unknown
Gender: Female (only)
Attitude: Neutral, intelligent, approachable
Skillset: Seeres, alchemist, botanist, tinkerer, lore keeper

Background: Figure out in game

OOC: 100% Tell friendly and open to all forms of Rp with anyone; game content or otherwise.

Greens: Quality Rp, imagination, detailed emotes, creativity, Rp depth and lore, long term Rp commitments, all races, magic, game content, intimate conent, building, staying in character, originality, adventuring, explorations, softcore, hardcore, dark and twisted themes, drugs and sedatives, intoxication, corruptions, all sexes, plot lines and curves... so much more. ((If you feel like you wish to ask do so, though most of it can be roleplayed and reacted to accordingly.))

Reds: Pottyplay, breaking server rules
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human