Connal Elian Thorne

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If despite my effort in this description, my emotes and the work I've put into this model to portray his feminine aspects all you can see is "Male Elf" please move on and save us both some time, thank you kindly.  

For those keen on details, the moon elf is now sporting the Thorne Family signet ring on the little finger of his left hand.

Race: Moon Elf (Abeir-Toril).
Sex: Male.
Height: 5'8".
Weight: 120lbs.
Eyes: Emerald Green with Golden Flecks.
Hair: Crimson Red.
Build: Slim, Lithe.
Facial Features: Androgynous elven, rather feminine.  

A weird specimen of an elf, one could tell this one, judging by his shape, is capable of extreme feats of dexterity. His steps are always silent and his moves harbour a rare grace.

Body-wise, Connal is very slim, a smooth, toned chest and stomach, his pale skin only marred by a pair of silver piercings, one on the navel and one to his right nipple. If you were to focus on his mouth as he spoke it would be pretty easy to notice a silver stud near the tip of his tongue. Slender legs, delicate feet and a small, pert rear might catch one's eye.

As far as gender presentation goes he could very well be considered a 'femboy', he takes great care with his appearance, subtle makeup is used to provide for an even further alabaster-like skin, deep-blue painted lips and matching perfectly manicured, pointed fingernails with little white stars adorning them.

Favourite themes include: Females, Transgenders, Crossdressers, Femboys, Femdom, Strapons, Feet, Legs, Heels, Lingerie, Stockings, Anal, Oral, Watersports, Bondage, Spanking, Sex Toys, Facesitting, Fingering, Muscled Partners, Domination (both giving/receiving) and a whole lot more, interesting characters and good writing are even more important than ERP kinks to me.

Bit of a theme song:
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf