Name: Nathalie
Age: Mid twenties
Height: 5'8''/172cm
Build: Slim
Eyes: Pale gray
Hair: Red


Nathalie is a woman, whose behavior doesn't meet city's standards. She seems shy, tends to blush at the compliments and often turns her gaze away from the acts of affection displayed by others. She's also not keen on indulging herself with such practice either. Instead, she can be often seen by herself, either lost in thoughts or simply observing people passing by.

On the other hand, her appearance can draw some gazes to herself. She's of decent height, a trait often adjusted by high heels on her feet. While slim, she has curves just where she needs them - wider hips and thighs, as well as decent bust contrast with narrow waist and long legs.

And while said long legs are her biggest pride, her face is nothing to be ashamed of either. Undenialably pretty, though perhaps a little weird in a sense. Her full, red lips are matched with wavy hair of similar color. Depending on the mood, she highlights her delicate features with some make up (often deciding to hide the freckles covering her face). Her pale eyes seem rather distant, especially when she gets lost in her thought. That unnatural gray, almost white color is what many people are weirded about.


Green: Lingerie (stockings, high socks etc.), boots, high heels, feminity, non-cons, saliva, breathplay, roughness, being submissive and plenty other things. I'll let you know if something weirds me out though.

Yellow: Manly man, piss, bestiality.

Red: Scat, most permanent things, ugly and gross races/charactes, anything against the server rules, openly public scenes.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf