Sable Amaranthus

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She's well blooded; you can tell that just by looking at her.  It's in the stately drift of her movements; in the refined and educated burr on her spoken common; and even unconsciously upright and elegant posture with which she stands idle, or lounges in repose.

Dark, skin-clutching silk garments conceal the absolute nature of her slim and pleasing form, though they are not successful in concealing the idea of it; and her black locks, whether pinned up or worn down, are carefully corralled into a frame of perfect, austere dignity.

Yet, for the most part, her voice is low and warm; her expressions are genuine and open; and she has clearly exhausted her portion of noble disdain for lessers, having now only a pool of cool respect to draw on instead.


RP, Discussion, Slow-Burn Attraction, Exploration and Adventure.


Consummated Friendship, Adventuring, Aftermath of Adventuring, Storytelling, Treasure-hunting, Research, Intrigue, Gossip (the reasonable IC kind).


All the typical ones.  High-maintenance partners.  "Lol so random" goof-characters.  Random hookups.  Characters with no purpose except sex.  Pregnancy.  Attempts to tie Sable down long term.

Final disclaimer:

The nature of my work is such that I can be called away at all hours fairly abruptly, and maybe during inconvenient or intimate moments.  I won't drop without saying goodbye, but RP with me comes with a risk that I might just have to go at some point.  You pays your money, you takes your chances.  I'll try to make it worthwhile, and make up lost time later.  
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human