Tiamat Rex

Really tough and scary thing - no one know, what it can be...

# Race: Demon
# Age: Not an imp
# Gender: Male
# Height: Varies from big to giant
# Eyes: Glowing yellow
# Hairs: Black or Dark-red

Tiamat - heavy combat demon of Legion's from the distant universe, promoted to elite rank.
In battles he provides not so much a serious threat, thanks to his impressive weapon - a huge greatsword, created from entire solid resonating crystal, but a serious obstacle, thanks to his impressiveness, what bringing fear and terror in lines of his enemies.

OOC-NOTE: This character created like secondary/supporting role-character mostly for light RP.

Traffic Lights system:
RED Lights - Usual server bans and so on DM's arbitrariness, also rudeness from players (if it is you're 'character' such asshole - please play it properly, respect other players and be nice);
If you match Yellow or Green zone - you know what about play is going on, all other is in Red.
YELLOW Lights - RP in English language;
If you already play with this character and whant RPlay something more then street/forest-hello&bye-meeting - ask in 'tell', or make hint in you're RP, and 'character' respond accordingly his role and players mood;
English is not native language for this player, so be patient anyway (also this player prefers only girls).
GREEN Lights - RP in home language (details in paragraph below).

Tell's: friendly.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human