Alicia The Silent Floof

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White wolf ears and tail protrude from this blonde haired lady. Her right eye is blue while her left a golden color. Wearing a gold necklace little more lose then a choker. In the middle of the necklace hangs a small plaque of gold.  The letters "A - l - i -c - i - a" were engraved from left to right.  The dots of each "i" replaced with two little diamonds.

Reds: Graphic Torture, vore, toilet play, scenes that conflict with server rules.

Yellows: Non-con, torture, kidnapping, vulgar PDA, if unsure ask.

Greens: Conversations, exploring, Voyeurism, Cuddles/petting. Intimate PDA.
Player:Darling Daughter
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf