Dawn Brannigan

NaDawn's mother, Valoria (celestial paladin of Mystra), has recently informed her that Bull Brannigan is NOT her true biological father.  Dawn is a child of Frey, thus explaining her lifeling affinity for Freya, her father's twin.  Which places Dawn in the Vanir (Nature) side of Nordic deities, rather than the more typical Aesir (War) pantheon of Odin/Frigg/Thor/Tyr based in Asgard and with Valhalla for their Einherj

me: Dawn
Surname: Brannigan
Tribe: Clan of the Snowbear
Culture: Nordic Viking
Training: Warrior
Height: Six foot two
Weight: Athleticly toned
Hair: Sunshine blonde
Eyes: Sky blue
Deities: Odin ... Freya ... Thor

Loyal to friends and family, this claymore wielding Viking knows no fear in combat.

Tell friendly ... RP for details ... Have fun!!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human