Alex Belouse

TL:DR - 23 years old, large breast and ample rear,  tanned beauty with a thick nortern ((may sound similar to Swedish)) accent.

Physical -
Your only conclusion by looking at her is that she is definitely is stuningly beautiful, a pure northern jewel that resambles a sensual godess or a magically ehanced form.
Her hourglass frame is sculptured to perfection, her body moves with feminine grace. Her graceful movements led by her toned form would suggest she is inclined to dancing, martial arts, yoga, or some sort of physical activityrequiring form and balance.

Looking at her closely, you first stop by those malicious and teasing features, an almost permanent friendly smile curled upon her lips.
Her emerald gaze stares at everythign with a kind of amused irony, her bright mane would fall upon her shoulders whereas her little snub nose appears to increase her cuteness aspect.

Should your gaze wander down you would notice her pushed up bust, indeed you might find these two round, perfect orbs, held well with her strong muscles below.
Looking below you find her best asset, a curvy sensually arched heart shaped rump, her buttocks delightfully muscled, rolling in rhythm as she walks in an almost demonic tease, calling for your paw, that ample rear almost calls upon you to spank it.


LIghts -
Sub, my kinks are - very much masochistic, spanking sessions (with hand, paddles, whips..), anal, humiliation, objectification, facials and cum play, mostly attracted to strong men but could go with a dom dickgirl.

Please don't expect anything to go if you say "Hello" and within two lines start groping and touching her, you will be greatly dissapointed, going on a date, teasing, advantures, gettign to know someone a little first is 90% of the time required, if I'm just looking for a quick thig - you'll know.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human