Morg Goldmane

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Full Name: Morg Goldmane.

Race: Minotaur.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Title: Professional Sellsword.

Gender: Male.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.

Conditioned and trained to live amidst humanity, the peculiar and unorthodox minotaur that fancies himself as 'Morg Goldmane' remains a subject of great speculation and whether or not nature can be defied by the laws of science and pscychology. No matter the result the creature has garnered himself a reputation as a ruthless sellsword for hire, to enforce - guard and act upon the bloodsoaked threate that which is the battlefield.

However infamous as Morg happens to be, there is an unusual sense of peace surrounding the creature. His reputation does not tell the whole story when one receives the opportunity to meet him in person - alas the creature still does carry with him a stain of crude brutality and animalistic ferocity.

With two large horns sprouting from the skull, dark unkempt mane flowing down his temple and a pair of crimson eyes that which flaunts a hunger for unending violence and carnage. Bridge of his snout decorated with a trio of golden studs. Piercing through the often flared nostrils is a single golden piercing and upon one ear is - yes, more golden rings.

His visage unlike most of his form however has an exceedingly thin coarse dark fur to it. His form is one of a warrior, broad-shouldered and well built for combat and as well hauling all that luggage for the more 'prosperous' individuals who hire him for his varied services.

Strong and virile forearms and a monstrous physique - the flesh of the minotaur is covered with onyx fur. Skin hiding underneath that which is scarred from dozens of conflicts happens to be unlike many creatures. More so like the leather of a beast than the soft skin of a human being.

Accompanied with two strong beastial legs that support the entire figure which is Morg, they show straining and bulging veins that seem to be constantly under some level of duress. However given the 'graceful' walk of the beast, he either doesn't mind it or doesn't feel any aches or pain originating from his legs.

If there is anything that describes brawn made manifest, then Morg Goldmane would certainly be able to compete in said competition.

[If you seek the attention of Morg or have any questions regarding the character please feel free to send a tell, don't be shy. I do love hearing from people, strangers or not! Morg tends to frequent less traveled areas. If you are trying to find him, give me a tell and I'll tell you roughly where he is.]

[Above all my interests lie within role-play and long-term development of both my character and hopefully yours as well. RP will always be a central focus, with the 'sexy' bits being the icing of the cake and not the entire focus.]

Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human