Morg Goldmane

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Full Name: Morg Goldmane.

Race: Minotaur.

Gender: Male.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.

Veteran of dozens of wars and conflicts, both hero and villain depending on the perspective of the beholder - and a weathered soldier of fortune. Tale of Morg Goldmane is not only shrouded with some mystery but as well happens to be an absurd one that gives analysis to the nature of both man and beast, and whether the force of nature can be conquered and tamed by both will and science.

With onyx flesh hiding underneath the thin black fur, the beast has natural camouflage within the comforting night that protects the downtrodden - with the exception of the dark crimson eyes which are very much so visible even in the dead of night, the final sight of many of the victims of Morg during night plundering and raiding.

With long and unkempt mane coursing down from the noggin all the way down to the lower-back, the midnight black hair is thick and suffers somewhat of an oily touch to it.

Morg happens to be a broad shouldered minotaur, with strong forearms and a fine specimen of his species. A muscle-bloated gut and a pair of thick, brawny goat legs. Underneath the thin furs, scars and rippling veins can be seen pulsating - this is even more profoundly obvious whenever the beast is undergoing any level of physical activity that tests his might.

A strong stench of ale, nicotine smoke and sweat can be felt around Morg, and the beast has a single golden piercing running through his nostrils.

[Feel free to contact me any time regarding anything. I tend to place Morg in odd places, in order to encourage open-world RP. If you are trying to find him, just send me a ping or invite me to a party.]
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human