Rogkaug The Big

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// Super Tell Friendly. This character is borderline ridiculous I'm sure. No, I am well aware that he is stupid big hentai style. But I value good RP, having fun with others and creativity. Always open minded to other peoples RP and their Ideas. //

Rogkaug Returns To Buttfuck Evil and Cockslap any Do-Gooder Who Gets in His Way!

He Challenges All Comers To Prove His Gloriously Immortal "BIG" Defeats All.

[At a mere glance]
Rogkaug is a giant among Minotaurs. A colossal mass of muscle beyond ridiculous proportions. A living mountain of flesh that strides about bellowing with its thunderous voice. His hide riddled with countless scars, big and bigger. Towering over lesser creatures, Rogkaug is either a true oddity of nature or something unnatural is at work. Absurdly broad in form, his muscular frame is emphasized by his thick bovine neck connecting to a pair of shoulders that dwarf massive boulders. His thick arms are like the trunks of ancient oak trees, his roaring biceps upon a mere flex peak like soaring mountain summits. More so his back is somehow still resembles a " V " with his sweeping lats that run more like rocky terrain than mere flesh. His lower body is not unlike his upper, commanding great power and endurance to carry such a mammoth torso. His legs bear the burden of his ridiculous mass, and in return are shaped perfectly to deliver upon the promise of unparalleled strength.

Covered or not, the presence of his equally ridiculously huge bovine cock is unavoidable to notice. His tremendous sheathed cock rarely sleeps, ready to engorge itself and grow to meet to satisfy his ever present lust. When it finishes expanding and wrenching free from its fleshy prison, such a monstrous cunt stuffing cock would become a throbbing weapons of mass fuckening reaching no less than 42'' inches in length with a thickness that'd be an act of cruelty bestowed by the gods themselves.

Below such a jest of the gods would be the other half of such a bad joke. An absolute mammoth ball sack that never rests hangs low below. This mistake of nature bears a pair of testicles the size of watermelons that brim with a bounty of cum that'd be counted in the gallons. So beyond full, so bloated are these orbs that when he walks that the fleshy claps of his muscular thighs slapping against them make an ever so lewd sloshing noise. Upon orgasm his balls would force such volume at great force that his own pisslanes would stretch and balloon to struggle to bear the copious load, delivering it in eruptive fashion.

[About his Cum ! -Entirely,Very Optional ERP!]
His Bullmilk will make you grow big and strong!
Rogkaugs bestial cum is corrupted by his powerful demonic linage that lends to his ridiculous size in all aspects. Nothing short of sexual steroids with potent mutagenic properties, many would find the strange range of effects coinciding with the degree of exposure from skin contact to drinking to taking his seed within other ways. The host/victim often experience case by case mutations that begin as temporary, but constant exposure can lead to more long lasting effects.
Intoxicating, empowering, launching ones mind deep in a euphoric state always seem to be consistent side effects. His bovine seed is riddled with chaotic, corrupt energies that absorb rapidly to the unfortunate recipient. Anything from aggressive, beast like madness to actual physical changes often in a sexual manner such as breast expansion, muscle gain/strength, body growth to even demonic or minotaur like developments(Horns, Hooves, random beast or demon qualities even like growing a bovine cock ect or whatever you want.) can occur. Sadly the withdrawal from such empowerment/changes can lead to very strong, mind bending addictions.

[Though Input From Others Involved RP'ers Is ALWAYS Welcomed. Add To The Hawt Sexy Fun!]

[Upon Inspection]
[Name]: Rogkaug "The Big" Knightslayer
[Race]: Minotaur/Ghour Hybrid
[Alignment] Chaotic Neutral
[Deity] Baphomet
[Height] 15 ft (Slouches at 12ft)
[Weight] 1200 lbs
[Skin Color] Black
[Hair Color]  Black
[Eye Color]  Red
[Body Shape] Heavily Muscular
[Smells Like] Peppers
[Profession] Being Big
[Weapon of Choice] His Body
[Accent] Improper Third Person
[Origins] Mountains
[Education] Uneducated & Uncorrected
[Cock Size] 42+''
[Cumshot] 1 Bathtub/300 liter/80 Gallons

History: The result of a powerful shaman within a failing Minotaur Tribe, Rogkaugs mother performed a ritual in the name of Baphomet to sire a champion for their people. What she got was a summoned Ghour that filled her womb with demonic seed.

Born to be huge, Rogkaug quickly excelled in physical bouts as soon as he could stand. His questionable heritage fueled his growth and soon he became a massive beast among his people. But his mind was lacking concentration, and being far more powerful than his peers he saw no need to listen to them. He was fueled purely by his Self-Motivation. Motivation to Eat, Fuck, and Fight whenever the urge arose. Though he earned his name Knightslayer through battle, hugging a knight and crushing him in full plate to death. Such a shocking scene took the fight out of the would be heroes that accompanied the late knight.

Further misfortune when Rogkaug struck out on his own. While he couldn't be called Good by any means, he didn't really bear the burning hatred towards all things that could color him Evil. Somehow he was a directionless force of nature, his surroundings dictating which urges he would satisfy. Working as a mercenary to kill things, or hired to move heavy objects. Anyone who'd accept the lumbering brute long enough to proposition coin or drink would find him agreeable. Agreeable until he decided to eat someone or felt the desire to force his giant cock inside a few maidens without asking. Often his cock and stomach lead him into trouble. A steady supply of food and booze was often the solution to keep his urges at bay. Therefore often his clients paid him in such to do things, or often just to go away to pacify the giant. If anyone provoked him however, they'd find him like an act of the gods striking a natural disaster upon them. His sheer power and untapped fury would send even the most seasoned warrior to shit his pants and run.

It was no surprise how he was tricked into boarding a ship as a dock worker to haul heavy crates onto a ship. Spending the better part drunk and the other sleeping, Rogkaug was dumped upon the shores of Sinfar many years ago. From there on he struck out achieving next to nothing but drinking and lumbering about putting his cocks to the test on any willing/unwilling hole he deemed worthy of his glorious big cocks. Though he also struck well with some denizens, entering competitions of headbutting(With Hayl the Hammer and other Minotaurs) and adventures.

[Lights] Always Open Minded Though

Whites: Roleplaying, ERP, Storylines, Adventuring, Forced Orgasm, Reluctant Orgasm (Basically, despite their best efforts they end up physically enjoying it), Roll Play (Come on, Its fun to get creative with conflict with emotes dictated by stat rolls, just agree ahead of time on rules of engagement and how to score a win. I have a system that is consistent and easy to remember, we can talk in advance.)

Green: Humiliation, Forceful Encounter, Non-Consensual, Reluctant, Cum Inflation, Large Insertions, Stupid Big Insertions, Belly Bulge/Distortion, Body Worship, Body Modification (Growth, Expansion, Temp or Perm), Females, Shemales (They Receive), Vanilla Sex (Anal, Vaginal, Oral ect.) , Blowjobs(Getting Them), Size Difference, Potion Play, Magic Play, Very Creative Scenes, Good Descriptions, Good Paced Scenes, Public and Private, Threat of Pregnancy, Breeding, More I'm sure....

Yellow: If I need to slow something down to clear something up I am not shy about it.

Red: OOC Drama
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Half-Orc