Slilanya Utawaryn

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Name : Slilanya Utawarin
Race : Elf
Age : 167
Size : About 1,54 meters
Weight : Around 40 kilos
Gender : Female
Skin : Fair
Hair : White
Eyes : Purple

As you gaze around, you lay your eyes upon a short elven lady. Her first noticeable feature is a long stream of white hair, from which two cute and pointy ears poke out. As you look between her immaculate locks, you discover a thin, beautiful face, with flawless skin. Her smooth face is adorned by a small, slightly turned-up nose, a pair of full, tender-looking lips, and two big purple eyes. Her two peepers seem full of life, shiny and curious, peeking at everybody and everything. A small, shy smile completes her expression, making her look like an innocent girl, lost in a big world.

The lower your eyes go, the clearer the view of her body. You quickly pass her slim neck, and stop on her chest. Though hidden behind the fabric of her garments, you can easily spot two round breasts. The tightness of her clothing makes it hard to actually guess their size, but they're certainly not discreet.

Your eyes keep on scanning her, and you notice that it's not just her chest that's trapped in tight clothing. It seems to hug her hips, as if stuck to them. That just allows you to get a better view of said hips. Slender, a flat stomach, a bit of muscle just where it's needed, and not an ounce of unwanted fat.

Beneath those waspish hips, two long and stunning legs. Their skin is as flawless as her face's. Her thighs seem out of this world, firm, yet soft, looking like enticing pillows.

As for her stance... she's always standing straight, bosom forward, hands brushing the air around her when she walks. She seems full of elvish pride, or should we say elvish arrogance, yet the way she moves just makes her a treat for the eyes. Her chest has a slight bounce to it as she moves, her hips sway from side to side, pushing away the bands of fabric that hang in front of her crotch. While it doesn't allow for a view of her intimate treasure, it's certainly enough to show that she's not wearing anything down there, and to give you an angle on her buttcheeks.... from the front. There's a certain... carelessness in her steps, as if the world was just a curious thing to discover. She's always looking around, always smiling.

Naked :

If you get her naked, you'll discover what was somewhat hidden before. Her round, perky breasts are each the perfect size to fit into a human hand, around a C-Cup. Each is tipped with a small, pale pink nipple, asking for a pinch.

From head to toes, she shows the same flawless, spotless skin that you had a glimpse of when she was clothed. Given how close her clothes are to her skin, it should come as no surprise that her bare hips and belly are perfectly sculpted. No jiggly fat, some muscle to keep it all strong and alluring, and a cute bellybutton that seems to dig into her stomach.

Finally, if you look at her lower regions, you rest your eyes on a firm, begging-for-slaps, bottom. Two tender and smooth buttcheeks, protecting a small, closed hole. And on the front side of her fun zone, a tight cunny. An elf like that must have been used a lot of times in her long life, yet her little pussy lips look like a virgin's, all smooth and plump. Still, the ever-glistening moisture between her legs tells you that this "innocent looking" cunt is in fact screaming for a skillful tongue, a set of agile fingers, or a sturdy rod, to take care of it.

REDLIGHTS : Rules breaking, pedophilia, scat, pee, rape, enslavement (permanent), torture, gore, permanent changes on my character without permission, dwarves, elven males, halfling males, OOC rudeness of course.

YELLOWS (Depends of my mood, but on the context as well, of course) : Tattoos, Piercings, enslavement (temporary), semi public ERP, irrealistic insertions, females with permanent cocks (growing one for sex then losing it is fine), forced (if she's your temporary slave, otherwise that's a red). If you're not sure about something, ask me.

GREENS : Females, fairies. She's also very playful. Sexy games, drinking games, friendly games, that may or may not end in ERP. She juste loves to play. As for the rest of my greens... well, I won't list them all there so as to not make this an achievement list. Just try and see ! If I dislike it I'll let you know.

Couple more details :

I do not believe that the server rules allow me to red-light PVP so I won't. But be aware that I do not wish to partake in PVP. At all.

Next thing, this character has been created for the sole purpose of ERPing. A simple "hello, let's fuck" won't do, but don't be afraid to approach her and chat with her. I'm also tell-friendly, so if I'm not busy with someone, you can send a tell to meet my character.

And last but not least, if you have to log out while we're in the middle of a ERP, I won't hold it against you. We all have lives, we all have things to do, or emergencies. But if you do, I'll "unvalidate" the whole scene and consider it never happened. I hate to leave things unfinished. We can play it again some other time.

I speak English and French

There, I think I'm done. I hope we'll have fun together !
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf