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Player Note: Yukiko, due to conditions set by her race, is unable to hear and her voice, including a high majority of other sounds, a few sounds can be -rarely- heard but they will be very soft. This is due to her closer ties to the Spirit Realm and as such she can only hear and her voice can only be heard by those who can actively be in said realm. Feel free to ask if unsure but do tell me if one can as that means I know who to send information to and who she can hear.

In addition, please be kind, playing a deaf person in a game like nwn as someone who can hear is a little difficult.

General Stats
Height - 5'10''
Build - Soft, Well Endowed.
Eyes - A soft Gold.
Gender - Female
Race - Wild Kitsune, Spirit/Soul Aligned

Starting at the top, she had a rather pretty face, her eyes were rather wide, often staring at the mouths of others around, her ears can be seen twitching now and then, the large fluffy extras seemingly detecting some sort of sounds that she only seemed to hear. She seemed rather open with her emotions, her eyes being quite expressive even as her smile seems to light the area up with her genuine nature.

She wears a rather unrevealing outfit, that concealed much of her from sight constantly, making it difficult for many to see what could possibly lay beneath, however what can be seen is her bare hands and feet, soft and smooth, from someone who is used to doing only minimal work around, in addition there was the large tail comprised of a soft, thick and white fur that almost begged to be touched as it swishes around with her every movement.

Should one be able to hear her upon the spirit world, her voice is soft and oddly musical, as if made to calm and soothe those around even as her laugh can bring a smile to many a lips.

Powers possessed by Yukiko.

-Standard Kitsune Powers.

Shapeshifting - Yukiko has a fair bit of control at her ability to shapeshift, so if her appearance does not match the above, go off what her appearance is or send a tell for more info!

Foxfire - Whilst she is just as easily capable of conjuring the globes of light to flicker and spark, dispelling darkness around, if desired, her Foxfire can be used in a more hostile manner, tugging at the energy of both living and undead individuals.

Illusions - Decently proficient, she is able to produce illusions that even have a touch of substance to them though it is quite mentally exhausting for her to do such complicated work.

Possession - Barely touched or trained as a whole, she lacks the ability to even attempt simple possessions.

-Wild Kitsune, Spirit Element. (Weakness, Power)

Due to her elemental binding, a Curse or Blessing as it may seem, she has advanced control over Spiritual Energy. This can be things as simple as simply feeding on the essence left behind on small objects or even the energy within people, reducing or even fully extinguishing it (which typically kills). In addition, this means she also has greater control over other Spirits, able to bind, control, banish or even destroy them, her eyes often see within both the Spirit and the Natural world, however due to the overlap this does mean her ability to spot things is greatly reduced. As she grows stronger, she will attain even finer control, however such powers within the spirit realm also lead towards the unfortunate factor that she leaves 'ripples', meaning that many can detect her in some manner or another, though she does cover this up a great deal, some bleed off can still occur. Some powers shall remain unknown but a few that she does possess are:

Enrapturing Spirit: The ability to exert control and dominate another spirit or to engage into a mutual bond, allowing her to pass messages over great distances, emotions and even physical sensations or simply to control their actions.

Spirit Bind: Through exhausting herself, she can provide another being additional energy, allowing them to function at greater levels and even heal and sustain them from even near fatal injuries but at cost to her own energy and life force.

Spirit Kiss: A lesser version of the bind, it can provide a spark of energy and restore portions of the Ki within, allowing one to function as if they were well rested, continued use will kill however.


Lights: Fairly open to many, many things, if you are curious and want to set something up or just chat, feel free to nudge a tell my way!
Player:Smaug Supporter
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human