Race: Draenei
Size: 6'8
Gender: Shemale Comes with batteries.
Hair: Black.
Eyes: Shiny Blue.
Figure: Muscular, Hulking, Busty.
Scent: Tabacco Smoke and Mint

Before you stands a large hulking, purple figure, this Draenei is rather busty, considering she is so muscular, clearly taking nothing from her curves to be so strong.

The woman has a rather pretty face, with piercings littering her features, she has one stuf just below that paor of black, pouty lips and a solid, silver nosering
That pierced through one nostril and hung there.

Moving down from her black hair topped face to find a look at her chest, one would notice that she really was busty indeed, with her breasts somewhere in the K's one might wonder just when they wouldn't jiggle. Glancing over her purple, soft skin. Tattoos could be seen in various patterns, they were esther hard to figure out individually and almost impossible to see as a whole unless she wanted you to.

Moving down further to that crotch it would be rather obvious that this hulking female wasn't ordinary, with a large bulge poking out of her loincloth, and a pair of cum churning balls, it was clear that this woman was more manly than most. The final two things to note are two, hooved legs and a long tail spreading from her back, making her Draenei heritage only easier to identify.

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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human