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Greens :
Regular/casual RP, ERP (romantic/vanilla prefered. Open to tantric/ritual sex), de-corruption and salvation RPs and walkups in any cases.

Yellows (will be refused unless DM-enforced and/or part of a storyline) :
Rape/kidnapping/slavery, heavy BDSM (giving and recieving), hack and slash.

Red (a definitive NO) :
Gore/vore/toilet play, anything against the server rules, unsapient creatures in ERP. Godmodding.

Often seen clad in a shiny set of blessed steel armor or some tomboy-ish outfits, this woman bears the obvious marks of those born from at least one celestial parent. Her delicate silhouette stands straight-backed between a majestic pair of wings she usually rests on her shoulders like a mantle of white feathers. She carries a faint, natural sweet scent she tends to drown in rose and pine perfume, as if she was ashamed of it.
Celeste the well-named moves with a measured grace and wears a fistful of sacred pendants showing the holy symbols of varied good-aligned deities (Lathander, Sune, Illmater, most notably). Recently, she started wearing a plain white ribbon around her left arm. The fabric doesn't seem magic and most of the time, it remains under her clothes. A tuft of strangely glowing purple fur can be seen poking from under the ribbon.
While her body is a testimony to the beauties of the Upper Plans, her face is just as harmonious : two green emerald-like eyes, a perfectly shaped head with silken golden hair and pillowy, kissable lips.
Radiating with joy and happiness, Celeste is naturally curious and prone to exploration. Despite her young appearance and general lack of aggressiveness, she made it this far without losing her positive attitude.
This is either the sign of a very strong mind or a capable evil-fighter. Perhaps both.

Travelling disguise : the Wanderer In White.
Away from Cat Ta Berry Island (her residence island), Celeste hides her celestial nature under the guise of the Wanderer In White. A woman with her body covered in bandages, under a thick white cloak. Hiding her wings under this guise gives her a hunched back, completed by a platinium plain mask and an ornate walking staff.
This disguise, despite being anything but magic, makes the otherwise attractive woman looks like a pious leper of some sort, only cleaner.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human