Nasha Feariin

Gender: Shemale
Sexuality: Submissive Leaning Switch

Nasha's Hour glass form was slim and dainty though her rail thin waist balooned out on either end sporting a large set o fbreasts and a firm perky rear.Her cloths were thin and skimpy. So thin and skimpy that when she becomes excited you can often see her nipples through her scandalous top which allowspeopl eto see the bottom half of her breasts as she walks around with her tail excitedly wagging about as she surveyed the area.

Green Lights: Being Submissive, Humiliation, Degredation, Ball Busting, Anal, Sexual Torture, Collars/Leashes, Public Displays, Rape, Slavery, Cage/Confinement, Corporal Punishment, and Just Being Treated Bad In General.

Yellow Lights: Cunnilingus, Watersports, Aftercare.

Red Lights: Scat, Things Against Server Rules, Permanent Changes That I havn't Agreed To, and Dismemberment.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human